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I'm Ash.
I'm shy, insecure, miserable, starving, barely scraping by, and sick of living this way.
None of you, and I mean none of you have even then slightest idea of what I'm going through.
Okay? So stop trying to 'help'.

Now that we got that over with, y'all should know I'm five-eleven, and stick-thin.
Not from a fast matabalism, or an eating disorder.
i don't have enough money for food.
My dad is high 99% of the time, the other 1% passed out, drunk.
He spends all of my money on drugs and achohol.
My mom died from terminal cancer when I was 8.
I spend my time either riding, working, or in the woods, shooting.
I shoot longbow.
Now, don't go all "Oh, she's Katniss!!!", because that really gets on my nerves.
I. Am. No. Book. Charector.
I'm real. Totally alive. I am in no way, shape, or form, made up. K?
Besides, most of you have never been hunting.
It's hard.
You hike miles, rarely finding any life.
At least, if you're an ameteur.
I am a pro.

Yay2horses's Favorite Quotes

I should have stayed away,
but I didn't.
 I shouldn't worry about him,
but I do.

I shouldn't love him,
but I do.


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Most People Will Probably Think
That This Symbol Should Be Pink
For Breast Cancer Awareness.
The Thing That Some People Dont Think About
Is That There Are Other Types Of Cancers Out There.
So If You Know What This Color Means
Show Your Respect And Click The Heart.



Does anyone else love wearing neon in the summer because it makes you look tan?


I think it's sort of odd how,
not all, but a good number of people who get top quotes on Witty spontaneously get cancer or some life threatening disease. Cancer or anything life threatening is not something to joke about & I have a deep respect for people who remain strong through it all. I just think it's a bit strange how some people will come down with the cancer bug post a few quotes about it, get 10,000 faves & 2,000 followers, & then magically they're all better. Seems a bit fishy if you ask me.

Hey guys, it's Jennifer.
As some of you know Jasmien had surgery yesterday, but it didn't go as well as it was supposed to.
The doctors couldn't get rid of the tumor entirely.
But there is a good part but also another bad part.
The good part is that she's alive, the bad part is that she's currently in a coma.
The doctors said that she's supposed to get out of  the coma in at least 2 weeks or else she's going to be braindead.
I'll update in a week or so, if she's already better and if she's feeling great she might even do it herself.

Jasmien's friends and family would also like to thank everyone that commented or faved her quote, thank you for keeping her in your thoughts.
And a special thanks to BeautifulMonsterx3  for correcting her spelling and not wishing her better, that was so nice of you, not.
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