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saira || 14 || i want to rape your ass ..wait. what.

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HIYA. i'm millie. Saira loves me, so suck it up bitches. This is like a secret hack because i'm a badman rebel. I actually came on her account to follow myself.. tehehe. I GOT A NEW ACCOUNT OKAY? i'm thatsmile btw;) saira uses most of my formats because she's a badman too. She's been my best friend for like.. er.. 2 years? maybe more. A LONG TIME. well, a long time for an online friendship. i know we've fought all the time, and i know sometimes we didn't want to be friends, but the most important thing is that we are friends, and i really hope that doesn't change. no matter how much i screw up. i love you saira! you're like my best friend in the whole entire world! remember left hook, right hook, both hooks! you're so fucking gorgeous, i'm so unbelievably jealous of your face. give me it sometime? yay. LET'S GET MARRIED AND HAVE SEXY BABIES?! you're amazing, even when you tell yourself different. my best friend. always. i love you. millions. ~love, millie. (thatsmile)

Quotes by YerMumWasGurdBaby

Yes. I am jealous.
Why? Because she's beautiful and im well, me.

Oh please no,

I'm so stressed,
that the other day I cried when I couldn't find my iPod
But no-one understands</3

If I was a guy,
I'd be gay, women are way too much hassle.

A Boy gave his girlfriend a challenge
To live a day without him
& if she did it he would love her more.
T h e       g i r l       a g r e e d.
& she didn't talk to him for a day.
W i t h o u t ,
knowing he had only 24 hours to live
because he was suffering from c a n c e r .
She went to his house the next day
tears falling from her eyes as she saw him
lying in a c o f f i n with a note on the side;

'You did it baby, you can do it every day'.


"Dear, why are there broken condoms on our couch?"

"Dave.... Please call our children by their names."