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All those fairy tales are full of shit

One more fucking love song, I'll be sick

hi, i'm taylor and I made this account so people could ANONYMOUSLY send in confessions to my formspring and I will post them for you. You can also comment and yeah. My main account is defe4ted incase you can't get ahold of me on here. Byeee
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omhclikewow 1 decade ago
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Hi. I'm dropping my comment here. Anyway.

My confession? I'm deathly afraid. Of everything. People, life, myself. Especially myself. I'm so afraid of what I'm capable of. What I could be capable of if I tried. I'm driving myself insane. As much of an inspiration as some people may say I am, I'm not. I'm only talking out of my when I try to help them. It helps them, but any time I try, it does nothing.
I'm worthless.