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My name is Amber... I'm 16, love to chat with new people! Always here fr anyone that needs it, I give the best advice I can! Sorry if my quotes bore you or seem obnoxious or just plain weird... Oh yeah I am really weird, I do the stupidest things just to make people laugh... So yeah! Here are some bands you should listen to if you don't already: 

Marianas trench
These Kids Wear Crowns
Faber Drive
Fefe Dobson
Maroon 5
All American Rejects
Simple Plan


 Everyone is Beautiful, never judge anyone when you do not know them! And if you dont like a person just don't talk to them don't talk shit about them! <3 Much love guys;; as always stay Beautiful&Handsome for any guys that are reading!Hope I can provide some entertainment or support in some way [=


If you need to vent but don't really want anyone knowing EVERYTHING... email me >> << and I will be glad to listen <3 And remember you are loved [ =

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 January 8th, 2012 <3 I love my son <3



Quotes by YoullMakeIt

over night i lost my way, im turned around
so much darkness, so much pain, im turned around
when innocence is stripped away,
im turned around, im turned around, but im turned around again.
Parents aren't stupid, when you ask to do something and they say no, the know you're gunna do it anyways.
The reason they say no is so its harder for you to do what you want, so you learn how to do things in moderation. For example: The kids whose parents allow them to drink end up drinking about 4 out of the 7 days of the week. If your parents say no you get less oppurtunities because you have to sneak around, therefore you learn more control. So next time your parents say no to something... Please stop and think about why they are really saying no before you complain about them. <3

Write my number on your hand and give yours to me

Hedley and Classified are amazing performers <3 Oh dear, if I wasn't already in love I'd marry one of them :P

I'm not alive when I'm loney, so please don't leave... Was it something I said or just my personality?

They Got The Magic, The Models, The Money, The Bottles! But Everyone Knows We Don't Care About That! 

Faber Drive


My boyfriend decided that today hed dress Hunter in a "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirt but then also make a kissing booth for him... Oh dear this kid makes my life <3

That Moment Of Victory
when your cat likes no one accept for you (:

I was started to lose faith in us even staying together, but then last night he woke me up to say "baby I know things ae getting hard and we fight alot, but I love and adore you and if youre trying to get rid of me youre going to have to do a hell of alot better than that, Maybe set me on fire, y'know itll be easy since I'm so hot already" I love how he always knows when things are bugging me but I dont tell him.

I'm in the process of writing a story, If you wann read it please go to 

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