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My Names Shannon And Im Irish<Proud!
I Love My Friends Honestly Dunno What Id Do Without Use!
I Dont Post Many Quotes I Just Like Faving Other People's Quotes:)
I Have Brunette Hair And Brown Eyes ..<3
I Love The Way My Life Is Going Right Now:?)
Starting Secoundary School In August :) Cant Wait !!
Dont Like Me ..Good I Dont Live To Impress U !!<3                                                      
Im Sort Of In Love With This Boy and He likes Me Back ahh the excitment :)

Quotes by YourBeatifull21

Im Not Trying To Be A Buzz Kill But I Heard One Direction Were Spliting Up Because Niall Was Leaving :L
Were not dating, but he is the first to text me goodmorning.
Were not dating, but he tells me he loves me and means it.
Were not dating, but he is the one I talk to all day long.
Were not dating, but he always texts me "goodnight gorgeous" before I fall asleep.
Were not dating, but he is the one I want in my life forever
nmf but this is honestly how i feel about us <3

Witty Goes Of For 10 Minites...

World War 3 On Facebook !


Im Not Going Sit Here And Write About Heart Ache Or Justin Bieber 
Or 11/11/11 Im Going To Talk About Frogs Because Everyone Loves Frogs Speicily When There 

 Akwaard .
We  Found Dove Ina  Soapless Place ♥♥ ;D,
Can Someone Do My Profile For Me Plz !!...comment if ur willing <33
I Dont Know How Te Edit Me Profile All Yours Are Great Can Sumone Help me ?x Luvs yhoosx
That Moment When Your With Your Best Friend And Your Laughing So Hard Ur Look Bck And your Like I Love This Moment Love Yous ::) ♥x
 I Love When U Give Him A Good Bye Hug Then Rings U Two Minites Later Jus To See If Ur Still Ok ♥
 Do Not Lisen To The People Who Say Your Not Strong Inuf Or U Cnt Do This Ur Not Ready U Wont Be Able Do do It But Go Ahead And Do It Dream Beileve Achive ♥ This Quote Is Not Edited Because No Girl Or Boy Needs To Be Edited :DBe YourSelf Ur Orignal In Every SingleWay x