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I base my life around Fairytales, call me crazy but reality is easier when I pretend.

I live for the people I love.

I can't go a day without listening to music.


Quotes by YourFairytale


I think I'm just

holding on

to something that

isn't there






You're stronger than

you think.





I'm just feeling so 

unimportant . . .




He can ruin my day

just as quickly as he can

make me smile.





Today, for a few


He held my hand . . .




I don't know how much

longer I can keep doing

. . .



You look down on me so casually,

In everything I know,

You look down on me but not right on me,

Did I wreck this broken home?

Get Scared - Don't You Dare Forget The Sun

I'm just so sick of

Feeling Alone . . .



Things seemed to be getting back

on track again,

I thought I was starting to get

over him...

Until he looked at me


I spend my days looking through pages

Trying to find a way, to get away from me

With love to give that leaves you breathless

Now all I need to find

A way back inside my mind.

Asking Alexandria - Breathless