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hii , my names haailey .
im in grade 8 .
im 13 .
im scaredfor highschool !
i have alot of fears ,
im singgle ! <3
anything else ,
just ask :)

p.s: i love livelovelaughforever because she is so amazing . she's a sexy beast. <33333
Im fine , i swear . anything is worth this love !




you have been hacked  by kaaali ! <3 (livelovelaughforever) :D okay, anyways.. girl i miss you soo much!  you're beautiful !! :D i trust you alot, i think we should hangout more often because well, we don't :D & were gunna text more, okay?okay.  well  EVERYONE READING THIS YOU BETTER FOLLOW HER  OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU. HER QUOTES  ARE AMAZING , kay well you are an amazing friend  &  we have random conversations ;) i know you love them anyy whoooo, i'm talking to you right now.  lololol i dunno what else to write but, i hope you like my super-awesome-amazingly-magnificent -fantasticful-unicorn power letter, well it wasn't really a letter but WHATEVER. well anyways, i was here 
( Thursday, December 29th 2011 at 3:03 a.m :D wanna know a secret? yes? okay, well i wanted to tell you that ima  pink  and blue poka dotted  penguin-zebra-monkey-penguin-unicorn-polar bear-cat -NINJA. okay i'm done now, 

 okaay, byeee! 
- your  lover, kaali♥ 
nobody else can take it from me  because well, it's mine.  if you people have a problem with that, well then TO  BAD.  okay., i'm done now,.  
i tried to be chill but you so hot i melted (; 


Quotes by YourGirl_

and todday was the first day i have cried in weeks,
and noone is there to listen ..

to my silent cries.



We All Have That One

shot right outta the sky ..
Your my kryptonite.

㋛ -onedirection !


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follow for a follow :)

format by neversaynever16
follow for a follow :)

allrespecgoes to

who was a  big influence on people, including me.

you will never be forgotten <3

Not only is he my bestfriend ..

but now , hes my boyfriend <3.

& for some reason ..
im scared .


you thought i moved on ?
ha. well you were so rong ..

need someone to talk to .

with good advice that i will actually listen to ..
im pretty stuborn ..
but i need someone .
  please ?




baby you light up my world,
like nobody else <3