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Hey! Uhh You can call me Zo:p I created this account because I wanted to help others and hopefully I will learn from others too. Follow me and I'll make sure to follow you:)

Quotes by YourWorthIt

Dear Haters,
I am crazy, I'm a wierdo, I got a sexy imagination, I'm not the prettiest girl. I'm short and to skinny, I'm pale and only have a few friends, I wear dark clothes and don't show off alot of skin, I have the wildest family that doesn't always get along, I'm not very wanted in school, But you know what?! I'm happy with what I got. The few friends I got keep all my secrets and are always there for me. They never once turned there back on me. Yeah, I'm not the prettiest but I have my get looking moments. The dark clothes express who I am and I'm proud of it! My family might not get along but we love each other so much. I got an sexy imagination and I'm weird and crazy but it makes the people around me happy, so I'm happy if they are. So make fun off me. Point and call me names and laugh. Just know when I get older I'll get through life alot easier than you will!

The nerd of the school <3

Follow your dreams.
Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Always be kind. Always
I don't need your attitude
I have my own.
Love is not about saying how much " I love you," Its about how much you prove it.
Keep calm
Life is like a river.
Sometimes calm,
sometimes raging.