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Oh, retrospect;      'tis a curse we can't prevent.                              « «
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I am not an interesting person in any way. I am just a simple yet complicated sixteen-year-old kid, born in New York City and raised in Chicago, trying to find his place in this world. I'm also the soppiest person you'll ever know. Not kidding. If I fall in love with you, you're incredibly unlucky.

m not new to Witty - I was a member in 2009-2010 but I left due to personal issues, and now I'm back on a new account. Fresh start, you know?

Watch me document my wasted youth.

Reading, the smell of books, rain, music, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, snuggies, cats, tattoos, piercings, Alaska Young, fall and winter,  Harry Potter, guitars, pianos, tea, chocolate, photography, stars, The Big Bang Theory, cities, nature, Friends (yes, the TV show), concerts, Doctor Who, movies, Sherlock, all the little things in life.

Just to clear things up -
I only follow people who's quotes I really like; if you ask me to follow back, I won't 
and no, my profile picture is not me.


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