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im short and sweet i have size 8 feet with brown eyes and brown hair my name is kat its my nickname at that and im really out there!! lol thats really stupid but hey its me...

Quotes by Yubbs_x3

Him: Hey babe! How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Her: Unfertalized
he broke my heart...now i'm gonna break his nose
Dear Santa, if he doesn't fit in the bag then just drop him off at my house in the morning
She wants to hear that she is beautiful, not hott
She wants you to point at her and say thats the one
She wants you to put your hand in her's
She wants you to say you love her infront of everyone
I'm waiting for that special guy
who i have loved for a long long time
to realize that he loves me back
and i will wait as long as it takes x3
Don't change for the one you like
Because there is always someone
out there who loves you for who
you already are
My Nearest Thing to Heaven
Your My Angel From Above
His eyes are like two blue oceans of love, and i can see myself drowning in them.
She sits in front of the radio listening to all these songs about the perfect love between two people and thinks to herself that its all fake....but then she remembers you.
I don't like to be alone in the night
And I don't like to hear I'm wrong when I'm right
And I don't like to have the rain on my shoe
But I do love you, but I do love you
I don't like to see the sky painted gray
And I don't like when nothing's going my way
And I don't like to be the one with the blues
But I do love you, but I do love you

(from the movie Coyote Ugly)