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Sayumyy Or Samiee(: | I Love To Wear Dresses :D | I'm A Flirt So Don't Take It Personal If I "Lead" You On :b | Straight | Jersey Shore Betch . Vampire Diaries . Pretty Little Liars ♥ | If You Don't Like Justin Bieber Then Thats F♥cking Awesome For You But Do NOT Judge Me Because I Do, Yes I Am One Hell Of A Belieber(: | Nevershoutnever , Christofer & The Shout , Christofer Drew Ingle . Whatever You Call Him He's My Love ♥ Drew Fluu Catch It :D! | Destery Moore &+ Nathan Owens Besterest Youtubers Ever ! They're Smexy Too(; | Taylor Swift , Romodel Of This Generation | Kalah . Gaby . Laura . Lluvia . Melissa . Sadiee(Sadie143) . Abby . &+ Cason Are My Pride And F♥cking Joyy | Love You Say ? Well I Have 3 Words For That ; Confusing As F♥ck But Hey Can't Live With It Can't Live Without It :b | Alrightyy Well Thats It For Now Kiddos :D Peacahla Brujo , Dueces , Laterr Bro , See Yaa , &+ Buhh Bye >;D

& Don't Like Me ? Don't Care ! End Of Story






I Wanted To Spend Forever In This Love Trance But A Rude Awakening S n a p p e d Me Out Of It

-Christofer Drew Ingle ♥



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Quotes by Yumsterr

Seems the only one who doesn't see your beauty,
is the face in the mirror  
looking back at you. you walk
around thinking your not pretty,
but thats
not truee .

Forget What You Want
& Remember What You

My Head. . .
is currently a horrible place to be

Don't let him..

Govern your life, don't try to live up to his standards,
& don't waste your time comparing yourself to her.
Instead govern your own life, find a guy who lives up to your standards,
& realize that he's only with her because your too good for the kidd.


credittowhoeverdeserves...mine&cason's quote

I Don't Have An Attitude
I   J u s t   H a v e   A   P e r s o n a l i t y   Y o u  C a n ' t   H a n d l e


///////////////// on someone is like when you see her, everything changes. All of a sudden its not gravity holding you to the planet, its her. Nothing else matters. You would do anything, be anything for her\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

-Jacob   Black ♥




Tear stained eyes;
and blood stained wrists
I'll Rock It Like A Trending Style
& Forget That
y ou e xist. //////


nottmyformatt . myy quote♥

&To Think I Can't Forget You

when you never think of me.

nottmyformat . Friend Gaby's Quote

1. Hollywood Undead
2. Nevershoutnever
3. Justin Bieber
4. Taylor Swift
5. Eminem
6. Archie Star
7.Demi Lovato
8. Paramore
9. Miley Cyrus
10. Black Veil Brides
11. He Is We
12. Owl City
13. Panic At The Disco
14. Skillet
15. 3Oh!3
16. Blink 182
17. We The Kings
18. Secondhand Serenade
19. The Veronica's

Whats Other Good Music ??

Who Else's Favorite Part Of The Justin Bieber Movie
was when they did his hair flip in fuggin slow mo !!
That Was Soo Fuggin' SEXY !!

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