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Quotes by Yuri

Me: *runs into inanimate object*
Me: Sorry...

Me: *leave store without buying anything*
Me: Act natural... You're innocent...

forgetting to put on deodorant, 

and going through the rest of the day as a t-rex


                                 Ticket Collector: Enjoy the movie!
                                 Me: Thanks, you too!
                                 Ticket Collector: 
                                 Ticket Collector: 

                                 Ticket Collector: 
                                 Me: Wait...

                                 Teacher: Alright, everyone grab a partner.
                                 Me: !@#$...

*friend shows you "funny" youtube video*

*fake laugh the entire time*

dropping a sock while carrying laundry,

and losing even more trying to pick it up...


forgot you were watching a recording,

and realizing you sat through all the commercials


wanting to watch a youtube video

but already listening to music at the same time...



getting caught up to a new tv series,

and having to wait a week between each episode