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Hi. So I never go on here anymore. If you Happen to stumble
upon this proposterous profile, I'm harper and I'm 15, and all of this
was when i sucked a life so yah bye.


Yush_its_HarHAR's Favorite Quotes

to players, we're hot.
to perverts, we're
to adults, we're
to relatives, we're
to dumbasses, we're
to each other, we're
to gentlemen, we're
to the right guys, we're
but to ourselves,

w e ' r e   u g l y   a s   f u u c k .

And i will go on your profile and favorite at least 10 of your quotes
and follow you.
I am a guy and im bored. so i want to make some girls smile.

 Cool Story Bro. 
fav if you just said that sarcastically in your head. ♥ 

Can you find the the mistake?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

♥ if you found it...

star light
star bright
The first star I see tonight,
i wish I may i Wish i might , have the wish i wish tonight

This quote does not exist.

i know they say your
first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest.♥
~Drake \

Me and my sister in the car...
Jingle bells, f*ck yourself, you are such a wh*re
Open 24/7 like a convenience store
Jingle bells, your v*g smells, like an STD,
So gross and disgusting just do not give it to me!

All mine dont steal ;P
Should I finish the song? comment and tell me (: