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Okay, yes. Im a guy on witty. But i came here cause some girls from my school were talking about it, and saying how guys are all douches, and stuff. But its not true:) There are still guys out there like me, who thinks you're beautiful in sweats, and no make up. Well im here for anyone who wants to talkk?:) Oh and they call me Zack Attack(; and on my picture im the one standing

Quotes by ZachColemon

Please stop, You're gorgeous. 

"Patrick.. I know a number funnier then 24..... 25..."

Oh spongebob and his secret dirty jokes.

Happy 50th Birthday barbie..
How old do you feel now?(:


When i get sad, I stop being sad and

tart being awesome instead.

True story.


When you're seriously trying to

watch something and your whole

family decides to have a

competition on who can be the


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I hate being stuck in the friend zone


I'd choose a girl in sweats over a girl in heels and a skirt any day. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, were you can be with family, sitting by the fire, by the Christmas tree, christmas lights and all that, Well im obsessed with christmas..
My christmas tree is still up..
and the grinch is the best movie in the world..
Im a guy and i love christmas??
Don't judge! (;

It's sad how quick people forget about you,
Until they want something from you.


I hate when people change because they met someone new.