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Hey witty girls,
i'm 15 and my names zack..
and thats about it.

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How do you delete your account on here and aim?

I don't know what's going on with all these new guys, but i've been on witty since last year september.

But if it's causing you girls that much trouble, but i regret everything i've done if its hurt you.
I  am willing to delete my witty just so everyone can get along.

Wow, im a nice guy but i need to let this out..

People go on Witty to feel accepted by people because they don't feel accepted by their surroundings.. with all of you people making fun of James Brass, lay off.. he just wanted to make some quotes.

I'm a guy and i'm really not trying to take over Witty.  
I'm so sorry.

One day when the sky is falling
I'll be standing right next to you

You're all gorgeous, amazing girls.. 
and you shouldn't let guys run your life..

Because I don't want to see any of you girls upset.


(im back)

Hey Witty girls

Favorite this and I'll read your quotes and write something nice on your comments board



So basically I'm having this problem,

my friend came out as 'gay' and he's getting tortured, i tried to stop all of the hateful comments he gets.. but i need some tips..

what do i do?

Ask me anything,

unless you just wanna IM me at Zackattack0908

"We're all born with worms in our stomach

and the day we meet that special someone..

they turn into butterflies."

-my little sister