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Everything has beauty
but not everyone can see it

Hey beautiful, my aim on witty is to make girls realise that they're beautiful ,
good enough and worthy of life. If you've ever looked in the mirror and thought
to yourself "I'm not pretty" well you’re right. You’re not pretty, ‘pretty’ is what
airbrushed pictures on magazines are. But you, you’re beautiful  and never
believe any different. If you want some advice or even if you just want
to chat, then feel
free to leave a comment.
I promise I will be there for you.


Quotes by Yourbeautiful*

   Hey you.

   Yes you

   Okay, well done.

   Now, close on eye.

   No the other one.

   Yep that one

   Okay now open you eye you just look silly.

   Try squinting

   Nope open your eyes again.

   You're almost done.

   Now half smile.

   Actually smile all the way.


  No, keep smiling.

   You look so beautiful like that.

   You should really smile more often.


              The devil is real
              and he's not some little red man,
              with horns and a tail.

             He can be beautiful
             because he's a fallen angel,
             and he used to be God's favourite.


I saw the scars hidden under
the colourful bracelets that always hid
your wrist so i let my sleeve roll up
just enough for you to see that
you are not alone.




        You have to stand up,
         before you fall down.

        You need to get lost,
        before you get found.


You may never understand
how some people can hurt you
          and to be honest i don't quite understand it either
          but remember that some people don't deserve
          to stay in your life.
           Some people don't  deserve second chances 
          and i know you're scared darling
          life is very scary it's made up of tough decisions,
     but it's going to be okay
     you will get through this.
Just try not to
let it get the best of you.


Of course she loves music more than people.

Music doesn't tell she's ugly, stupid or worthless.

Music understands things about her that no one else does.

Music always fills the emptiness in her heart.

Music never leaves her feeling alone.

Music fixed her broken heart.

Music saved her life.


kInnY  LOve

                                                                    /'skiné/ /lǝv/

                                                                     when two people love each other but they are too shy
                                                                                                                 to admit it but they still show it

Guess what?

you're still alive,

your geart is still beating

your eyes are still blinking

your brain is still thinking

and you thought you couldn't

survive yesterday,

but you made it to today

so keep going



        ARE SO POOR,

        IS MONEY.


      I think the only reason that people
      hold onto their memories so tight
      is because memories are the only
      things that do not change even 
      when everybody in them does.