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Hey guys, It's Zayne!
14, Originally from Australia, but now in the Phillipines.
Single ;)
My picture looks fake, but that's because I model, so I have professional  cameras.
If you're gonna call me fake, get the hell off of my profile.
If not, ayye, I'd love to talk to you. < 3
I only have one Witty Bestfriend, and she's amazing.
But I'd love to have more!
I skateboard, model, hip hop dance, and play guitar.
I looove giving advice, so if you need anything come to me! I'd be happy to help.
 L e t I t B e.


Quotes by Zaynesthenamee

I'm a guy


- NO, I'm not gay.

- NO, I'm not doing it to get girls.

- I like them because they have REAL talent. Not autotune. Not fake personalities.

They're just five guys who are crazy about what they do.

What's So Wrong With That?



 please excuse me while  I laugh my a*s off.

Me; I've never held anyone's hand..

  My Bestfriend; *grabs my hand*

 me; my life.. is now completed.



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Heyy guysss! 
im Zayne, and im 14 and single. 
anyone wanna talk?.
im soo bored!
hit me up in the comments on my profile! 


Watching Say Yes To The Dress.. haha(:    You?
You're Gonna Be On That Show One Day When We Get Married<3




I've Always Wanted a Girl To Hold Me And Kiss me
Like She Really Loves Me.

I'm the type of guy who will call you to talk about nothing at all, and tell you you're beautiful everyday

Hey Everyone!
I'm Zayne, 14, single..
And yes, I'm a guy!
I'm from the Philippines, and I'm TOTALLY real.
Hmu guys!