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idfk what to write


Quotes by ZebraCakes

kyle stoltz was bullied to death on 12/06/11

today was the most deppressing day of my entire life

our whole school was dead silent the whole day...

suicide is never the option, it affects not only you or

your family, but your whole school and town,too .

-can i please get some likes for this amazing kid that 

struggled to the point of giving up? R.I.P kyle you

will be missed

see i aint never
seen a star this close before.
you got me stunned by the way
you glow 

i really do miss friday night football games

who's with me ? :/

Confession, 1
i'm still in love with you , nope i'm not letting you go
because we have something special you even told me so
i'm not letting the past go ; i'm not giving up
i'm gonna fight for your love and give in all i got .


you have no idea how many times i have to resist the urge to write sarcastic comments on people's statuses on facebook

who else feels my pain?



after i'm done withcha '

you wont know what hitcha'