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The name: Alana
(It's not my real name, but it's pretty close)
Birthday: November 12th.. yes, I am a Scorpio(:
Age and Grade: I'd prefer to keep it secret =]
Sports: I'm a die hard cheerleader
(Don't think it's a sport? Good, just keep it to yourself)
Music: It's my life, I love just about any kind
 Relationship Status: Taken by the BeSt <3
Fave Colors: Blue and Pink

Arguing over the internet is one thing, but with a complete stranger is another; it's immature and stupid. Therefore, any drama you wanna bring to me, you're wasting your time cause I'm not gonna fight back.
My formats: If credit is on it when you take, credit should be there when you use it.
I'm a funny, crazy, outgoing girl once you get to know me. A lot of people see me as a quiet and shy girl.
I'm a normal girl; I obsess over boys I know I can never have, I worry about how I look and worry about what other people think about me.. well most of the time, and if you haven't noticed; I'm a bit random.
I use smiley faces a lot: :), (:, ;), =], :], :/ = are the main ones I use.
I don't really care for the faves or the followers, honestly. Okayy, maybe just a little.
I absolutly love my friends and family, they're the ones who motivate me to keep moving foward.
I have trust issues, Witty is where I come to tell my secrets.

Anything else you wanna know, ask!

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Quotes by ZebraPrint


I sure do love those soft lips of his!



David: Hey Dan the Downer, what's crackin?
Dan the Downer: Fault lines along the Pacific Ring of Fire.
David: No, I mean what's up?
Dan the Downer: Teen pregnancy rates.
David: I mean what's happening?
Dan the Downer: Several unwinnable wars in the middle east.
David: F*ck you Dan.



I was just viewing a woman's profile on a dating website:

Blonde 33 From London Great Personality 5ft 3 Green Eyes

Don't get me wrong, I like short women, but 3 green eyes?
No wonder she can't find a man.



If More Woman
Would Sit Down And Be Ladies

More Men
Would Stand Up And Be Gentleman


I used to think true love only existed in movies
Until I met you.


--------------------- ---------Ww

You want society to accept you , but you can't even accept yourself .


Are you D.T.F ?
  Down To F*ck
No , but I'm D.T.K !
Down To Kiss
NMF but My Quotee

Only Fools Fall In Love With What They Hear.

He loves you ; but he cheats on you?

He loves you ; but he lies to you?

He loves you ; but he doesn't treat you right?

He loves you ; but he flirts with your best friend?

He loves you ; but he ignores you?

He loves you ; but he puts his friends before you?

He Loves You?

Open your eyes, sweetie, he doesn't love you.

My Formatt ; My Quotee ; No Jockingg