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                                                  Witty is annoying. Thank you to all those who actually make good, meaningful                                                                                             quotes. You're the only reason I look here anymore. 

Let's start with the basics:
         My name is Lauren. My middle name is Michelle. (I'm not going to tell you my last name. Creeper.) My favorite colors are various types of purple. My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. I am Italian and German. (blonde hair, blue eyes.)

Okay. How about the not-so-basics?
           I can't stand crying. I hate when people are sad. I try to cheer people up, and will not stop until I do. I am a really optimistic person, you could say. I have my negative thoughts, but I like to make sure other people are thinking positive. I am a smiley addict. I think I may put a smiley in almost every message/text/comment. :) I'm not a very exciting person. I think I am pretty boring/average/normal. I attempt jokes, but rarely succeed. I really, really, really like this guy. But, he likes her. Crap. I hate dumb blonde jokes. I hate hypocrites. (Does that make me one? Hmm...) My pet peeves are hypocrites and poor grammar. (Your & you're and there, their, & they're. It's, like, second grade stuff?) I have an Autistic sister named Audrey. It is offensive when people say 'that's so retarded'. So, don't. It is also offensive to people when you say 'that's so gay.' Don't. Okay?  I do like to read and write. Call me a nerd. I don't judge people quickly, I think.  At first glance, I can assume, but I usually get to know that person first. I don't like it when people act all emo. People who actually cut themselves, usually don't go telling the whole world that they're emo. I'm actually a nice person. I've been learning to stand up for myself more, actually. :)   I don't know who I am yet. I am still writing my story, and the end is still not known to anyone--including myself. Thanks for reading(:




Quotes by Zebrafreak22

What's her name?
What's she like?
Does she know that you'll never treat her right?


It's easy to hate the girl he prefers,
       but what if it's your  best friend?


 It's funny how
 I actually think
 x  that I have a  x
chance with you

She's the girl that you love to hate
             She's the heart stopping double take. Everyone knows that she's got it made. Working hard to be Miss Popularity. 
And I just wanna show you;
♥ she  don't  even  know  you,  never  gonna  o v e  you  like  I  want  to. 
 You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make me happy
when skies are gray
You'll never know, dear, 
how much I  love  you //♥
Please don't take my 
sunshine away.

Forgive and forget?
                                        No matter what I do, I can't block out the feelings I had for you. Why did you throw it all away?
I'm dancing with tears in my eyes;
 » just  fighting  to  get  through  the ( night )

 these tears are