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no matter what I love you:3

Your;re so beautiful when you smile. gah. never stop. Hey guys, my names Zionna but most of my friends call me Zee or Zy. I'm really shy at first but then boomshookaloom once I get to know you it's like a whole different ball game. I'm awkward. Socially awkward that is. But hey, talk to me I don't bite;D Anyway, things that make my world go round are dairy queen, dancing, shopping, beaches, bath and body works, you, cookies, & last but not least my beautiful friends:3 I care more about what people think about me more than what I think. I try to come off as someone who really dgaf, but deep down I really do. So don't be mean or i'll cry. waaahh. Ok so if you're still reading this you probably think I'm some emotionally unstable freak who likes cookies and sniffs bath and body work lotions and bathes in dairy queen in her spare time. ...Well, you're right. I'm just here to express my self though. So no h8 pls. Okie, well peace and love ya'll peace and love.`

Quotes by ZiZi123

It's almost like you had it planned.

Like you smiled, and shook my hand,
and thought;                 "I can't wait to screw her over"


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It  all  comes  down  to  the  last  person  you  think  about  at  night .
 That's    where     your    heart     is.

To  my  fol l owers:

If you need someone to talk to, I'm here.
I don't care if we've never talked before or talk all the time. 
If you need an opinion, smile, or just someone to listen.
My ears and heart are open.

» » A   w i s e  m a n  s a t  i n  t he  a u d i e n c e  a n d   c r a c k e d  a  j o k e.
E v e r y b o d y  l a u g h s  l i k e  c r a z y.

A f t e r  a  m o m e n t ,  h e   c r a c k e d   t h e   s a m e  j o k e  a g a i n .  
T h i s  t im e  l e s s  p e o p l e  l a u g h e d.
H e  c r a c k e d  t h e  s a m e  j o k e  a g a i n  a n d  a g a i n.
W h e n  t h e r e  i s  n o  l a u g h t e r  i n  t h e  c r o w d,   

Yo u  c a n ' t   l a u g h  a t  t h e  s a m e  j o k e  a g a i n  and  a g a i n,
b u t  w h y  d o  y o u  k e e p  c r y i n g  o v e r  t h e  s a m e  t h i ng  o v e r   a n d  o v e r  a g a i n?


"She was a girl who knew
             how to be happy even when she was sad. And that's important." -Marilyn monroe

Oh sure that would be cute
if he didn't say it to 54756887997 other girls.


I'm just going to pretend that
             not talking to you doesn't bother me.. 

Finding someone isn't about
   trying to transform yourself into the perfect image of what you think they want,
    It's about being exactly who you  are and then finding a person who appreciates that.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.
I just wish I had the balls to actually tell you♥

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