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I'm Izzie, 15 years young &I play guitar, make collages, and take photographs.  I'm a Boston girl but at heart I'm a Londoner.  I love to travel&write poetry because I usually don't express myself out loud.  I love Harry Potter and my favorite childhood story is The Giving Tree.  I love rain, warm weather, and sunshine.  I like all music but sometimes I go through fazes of which genre I like best.  But usually I like 70s&80s music.  Some of my favorites are The Beatles, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes, Phoenix, The Plain White Tees, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Muse and a lot more, but I can never remember them all.  I love long car rides (especially in the rain), because they help me think, &rap music helps me write.  I spend most of my days dreaming because that's what I do best.  I love horror movies but I can never watch underwater scenes, and I've attempted to watch Jaws, but never got passed the play screen.  I have a phobia of chickens and am terrified by sharks.  I can't sleep during the day&I'm a night owl.  I'm very shy around boys and they usually have to make the first move and take it slow with me, or I'll get scared off.  I do not hook up.  Ever.  I want a friendship like Harry&Ron&Hermione, but I don't think that'll happen.  I hate predictability, and I hate when people try to predict what I'll do.  I love watching movies and curling up with a book on a rainy day.  My favorite part of a cookie is the dough.  I've been told that I'm very good at giving advice but I feel like I'm loosing my touch, but I love to help people and making them smile, so please talk to me if you need to.  I like it better when everything isn't made a huge deal, if something I do bothers you, just bring it up when it does, don't wait it out until you can't take it anymore.  I hate being mad at people, and I'd make up with anyone eventually because I think it's a waste of time, even if we don't stay friends.  I'm incredibly sensitive, and love movies make me cry.  It's not because they're sad, but because it's absoluetly beautiful.  I used to be wicked shy and insecure, and I'm not as much now.  I decided to take action and get more out of my shell.  I dont think about life a lot, and I decided that that's my new goal, because I avoid all things that make me uncomfortable.  But what good does that do?  I didn't want to be scared for the rest of my life, so I've been working on myself a lot this year.  I don't think anyone knows all sides of me, and even though I silently judge, if I get to know you I'll change my mind.  I don't hate anyone.  There's no need to, and people do things for their own reasons,  hopefully they're the right ones.   I've remove steryotypes from my life, Popular, dorky, nerdy, preppy?  What does it matter, we're all know one way or another and having good morals is all that matters to me.  Just be the best as you can, handel problems in the best way, and it doesn't matter how you dress or your social status.   I don't go on witty a lot but when I do I usually have something to say.  But I have a feeling I'll be around(;

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I'm so afraid that everything that I do,
it will always be too late.  



Maybe that's how magic works.  

Maybe all you need is for

someone to believe in you.


I don't need 
a boyfriend, I'm content alone...  

&I'm not going to settle for anyone less than someone I can see myself with
 f o r e v e r

I don't  need boyfriend

I'm content alone...

&I'm not going to settle for anyone less than someone I can see myself with      f o r e v e r .


I'ratheknow I'happ
than think I'm safe


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Nothinithis univers
evehappens just once.


You are more


than you realize


No mattehoolyoarean empt


Sometimes  I  think  a  soulmate  is   someone  who  will  make  you  be   the  most  "you"  
             that you can possibly be.