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Quotes by ZodiacCity

Pisces sure do have a way with words. Those words can be sweet as pie or as vicious as venom.

Aquarius can't help but overthink and analyze things, something they have in common with Virgo.

Romance can sometimes throw Capricorn for a loop. It's not that they aren't romantic, they can just be a little awkward in that area.

Even if a friend has hurt them, a Sagittarius is likely to forgive and maintain the friendship.

Scorpios enjoy that nice, sweet alone time with that special person. Quality time is a major thing for them.

Libras like to please and can be rather hard on themselves when that task doesn't go the way they want it to.

Virgos always know how to put their mind to use. Whether it's to get a job, make money or get to the bottom of bs.

As a Leo, you don't really get angry until someone has truly hurt you in some way. Doesn't mean you don't get ticked off from time to time though.

Cancers sometimes look at life through harsh glasses or negatively for no apparent reason.

A Gemini will likely go through all your social networking profiles if they want to figure something out about you. They're pretty nosy.