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Ok so now i've got that out of my system...
Hey i'm Zoe but i'm gonna keep my last name a secret i would have to really know you to give that one up :D
 i've got brown hair and brown eyes i'm pretty tall for someone in year 9 (15 years old this year) but you know thats life anyway just gotta live the best you can.
 so i have a best friend yes i know weird huh?!

I am like soooooooo loud around my friends just ask Laura she'll probably laugh in your face for even asking IF i was loud :b
Haha anyways she actually has an acount on witty and her name is Brainy_Barbie you should tatally check her out!!
Ummm well i loooooooooove The Vampire diaries!! (I hope u do to)
my favourite colour is purple if you haven't figured that out yet... it's just soooo awesome whoever's favourite colour is purple, i love you!!!
i absolutally love the movie 'P.S i love you'it made my DAD cry (He's just so cute!)
I also love the movies 'I Am Number Four' & 'Hansel & Gretal, Witch Hunters' their the best movies ever!!!!
I also love a lot of different music but some of my favourites are:
Cher lloyd
Ed Sheeren
Ariana Grande
Guy sebastion
Little Mix
& a little of One Direction :D
and some more but i don't think you really care what other music i like
Anyways i play netball with my Best friend Jazzy (you can't know her last name eaither:D)
it's like my absolute favourite sport!!
I also looove surfing but i suck at it big time!!!
My mums nickname for Me and one of my friends (Georgia) is Beach bums because we were both together at the beach like everyday of the holidays it was awesome!!!!!

I'm always open for a chat i love talking and getting to know new people Boy or girl!
Just comment or something anytime :D

I'm also writing a story called 'Truth or Lie' and i really hope you could read it and spread the word!

Oh and i'm Dum Da Di daaaaa taken (Sorry boys) =D 

 And i kinda swear a lot so this is an 
apology in advance!!


                          Iloveu4ever51 (Evansence lover 2!)


Quotes by ZoeBoe

I've built walls to protect myself.
From Hurt
From Pain
It's All around me.
Walls so high that even BIG FOOT couldn't see the top, No man made device would make it.
I've built them so tight around myself that even I, ME, MYSELF couldn't even break out off.
I Push people away, The people i love the most

I just wish that one day, one special person will come into my life and slowly and carefully break through my walls that i have forever held up against the world, even if i don't want them too, even if i try my hardest to push them away.
I Hope they stay...
Honestly, I hold in a lot.
When i'm upset, i really don't like to tell anyone.
Especially the person who made me that way.
No matter how much anyone asks,
the answer will always me "I'm fine" even if it's not true.

         WHAT I THINK:

Ha. Why even ask? it's not like you care or anything, no one does.
I drown in my thought every single day of my life and no one cares.
You asked , But did you REALLY ask? No.
You asked to make a convosation.
You don't care about how i'm doing.
You never did and never will.
You just like everyone else.
You Don't Care.

                     WHAT I SAY:

not much of a birthday today.... :(
i'm at my cousins and their either on their xbox or something or speaking to me like i'm nothing.
i can't talk to my dad cuz he's not here and my phones caput plus if he textes mum about something i've said i'm dead!
and my boyfriend wont talk to me and i don't know why!!

What have i done to diserve this?!?!?!?!

It's holidays and i'm bored.