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My name is Jessica
i Perfer to be called ' Jessi '
i Love watchig Football ( :
[ Raiders Baby , <3 ]

i Play video games
[ Hit Me Up On XBox Live >:D ]
Just cause i'M a girl doesn't mean that you have to go easy on me :b
Eminem & ' DJ BL3ND <333
[ i Loove them ]

Music , is something i Listen to everyday
Do you like to text ?
Well give me your number
i Like watching scary movies
As you can tell i Love doing faces
[ it's a habbit -.- ]
If you have a facebook , add me 
[ Ask for my email , Don't be shy ]
Let's Talk , Get To Know Me


Quotes by ZombieKiller

" i Love You "
How silly of me for believing it when you told me those three words

I want a boy
Who will shove ice cream in my face.
Who will wrestle with me.
Who isn't shy to show me off to his friends
            Who treats me with respect.
               Who will call me early in the morning just to say he misses or just can't stop thinking about me.
  Who will sing me a song , even if he can't.
Some one who sees me crying and wil l do ANYTHING to cheer me up


i Just want a boy who understands me
Some one who is my boyfriend but at the same time my best friend.


Confession #6
i'M a huge fan of ' Eminem ' <3
[ i Love him ! ]

is it possible ?
it very shocking !
i Think i'M finally over Him


Wanna know how i'M sure that i'M over him ?

Well today my ex texted me & guess what  . .
i Didn't get butterflies in my tummy & i Didn't even bother to text back :b

[ i'M very proud of my self <3 ]


Haven't you notice that the word
ends with
' Me '

Do you believe in
' Love at first sight '
or do you want me to walk pass you one more time

How come when some one sneezes people say ' Bless you '
then when some one coughs no one says anything


i Sometimes wonder why the word
' Good - bye '
has the word ' good ' in it ,
if there is NOTHING good about saying
' bye '


Confession #5
i Don't know why but when i Write something thru text or thru the computer i ALWAYS do a face
[ i Can't help it >.< ]