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People say...
you don't know what you have until its gone ;
Truth is, you knew what you had,
you just didn't think you'd lose it.
Its funny how sometimes the
person you'd take a bullet for,
is behind the trigger ..
isn't about being related to someone,
its about putting someone before yourself,
and being there for them, knowing they would do the same.
You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you'll always end up disappointed.

& Its like your homesick

for a place that doesn't even exist .


If your reading my story

♥ this and ill update you when every new chapter is up.
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new Addition*
Chapter 1 Page 3
Thursday ,December 19.

After i cleaned up Alexia i had to leave. just in time i heard a knock at the door. It was Devon.
Devon hugged me, and asked about Alexia.
Me: you have to feed her every 2-3 hours. Lyric and her daughter will also be here, just in case.
Devon: you dont trust me..
Me: i do, but...
Devon: wow..

My phone wrang, it was Lyric.
Me: hey Lyric.
Lyric: im so sorry Cali, i cant come, Melody is sick...
Me: okay, i hope she feels better, its no problem, trust me.
Lyric: thanks.

Me: nevermind, Lyric isnt coming
Devon:okay, good. Im her father, i can watch her.
Me: okay...

I picked up Alexia, and kissed her goodbye. It was the first time i would be away from her for a long period of time.. and i didnt fully trust devon. I heard a honk outside. Alec was here to drive me to the interview. I put Alexia in Devons arms, and he gently kissed her forhead. I said goodbye, and walked out the door. Alec looked schocked at the way i was dressed. He smiled, and winked. I smiled back. I opened the car door.
Alec: hey babee.
Me: hi boo, thanks for the ride.
Alec: since devon has our, i mean your daughter for a while, after the interview i have a surprise.(;
Me: okkay. we cant be back late though.
Alec: i promise we wont.

He dropped me off at the interview, and i walked into the building.
-2 hours later-
Alec was here to pick me up.
I got into the car.
Me: i got the job!
Alec: yay, we are going to celebrate. Get changed into this, i went by your house to get you some clothes, Alexia is doing fine.
Me: woah, okay. i went back into the building to use the bathroom to get changed. I put on the jean shorts, and the shirt. I took off my jewelrey, and the heels, and put on flipflops. I walked out of the building, and back into his car.
Alec: okay, now the surprise.
We drove for about an hour, then pulled up to a house.
Me: whats the surprise?
alec: this... Its our home...
Me: what?!
Alec: wanna go look inside?
Me: yes!

We walked into the two story home, it was beautiful. He showed me around. We had a guest bedroom down stairs, and three bedrooms upstairs.
He showed me Alexia's room, our room, and the other room upstairs.
Alec: this room, is for our baby, when we decide to have one in a few years.
Me: this is perfect.

I kissed Alec on the lips, and hugged him.

me: but wont people think we are moving too fast into the relationship?
Alec: nope, i know your the girl i will marry.
Me: awww.(:


new Addition*
Chapter 1 Page 2- part one
Wednesday, December 18.

 It was around 5:30 pm when my mom got home from work. I tried to please Alexia all day, which was very stressful, and hard. Its not like she can jjust tell me when shes hungry, or when she needs a diaper change, and sometimes babies cry, just because they want to be held. Which is hard to do when im attempting to get my homework done. Tomorrow i have a job interview, and while im at the interview, Devon will watch the baby, but Lyric and Melody will be over also.
6:15 pm- Alexia continued to cry, and i didnt know what was wrong, i pulled her out of the crib, and fed her. Alec walked in, as i was feeding alexia.
Alec: ohshit, sorry.  I didnt know you were feeding her.
Me: its alright, you can stay, its not that big of a deal Rhett.
Alec: i was wondering if later tonight you wanted to go for a walk, Me you and Alexia, on the boardwalk.
Me: that sounds good, but i dont know if shes old enough to be out of the house, she still needs more shots, ill ask my mom.
Alec: its your child, you dont neeed your moms approval Cali. DO what you want, not her.
Me: okay, the walk sounds fantastic.

8:30- i fed alexia again, she gets fed about every two-3 hours. If i dont feed her, she reminds me.
9:00pm. I put Alexia in the stroller, and a blanket over the top, it was chilly out, but still a little warm. The breeze made it cold though. Alec and I headed over to the board walk, a few blocks from my house. Once we got there Alec and I walked past a few arcades, then he decided to play one of the games. He played it, and won Alexia a little "pink princess" binki. Im sure she will love it.
We walked the boardwalk hand in hand. Bathing suits were on sale, but i felt to fat to try any on. I still had my baby weight, i needed to lose 15 pounds until i was at regular size. We got back to the house at 11pm. I had to get up early for my interview . Once we reached the doorstep Alec and i were saying our goodbyes, and he kissed me. Nothing big, just a goodnight kiss on the cheek. Thats all i ever wanted in a guy, taking the relationship slow, and seeing where it goes.

angedanged her ,.. . . I went I still en t t home from work. aro Alexi 
Chapter 5 page 3
Monday, December 17

Classes went usual, except for lunch.... (they changed the menu....l0l jusskidding :P )
My stomace started to feel very painful, and hard. When i pushed on it, it was very tense. Is Alexia okay? D:  I attemped to stand up, but the pain was unbarable. Marisol ran and got the nurse. She called an ambulance. They brought a wheel chair, and wheeled me to the truck. I got into the back with assistance from  Marisol. I told them she had to come with me, otherwise i wasn't going. Once we reached the hospital Marisol had already made the calls. My mom was on her way, With Brad, Rhett, My step dad, and Parker. Devon was also on his way... -.-
They assigned me to room 369...( 69...lol :D) Doctor Fioanna came in.
Fioanna: we are having this baby today or what?
Me: effmylife. it hurts !
Fioanna:  let me see how diolated you are.

she checked.. i was only 2 cm diolated.
Then Alec walked into the room.
I stood up and walked over to him, and hugged him...
Just then a splash of water came pouring down my leg.
My water Broke. Oh. Fioanna made me sit down, and Alec, Brad, Rhett, and Parker and my mom and step father went into the waitingroom. Devon and Marisol were in the room.I was terrified. A few minutes later, my mom came back in the room, asking if she could stay. I accepted her wish. After all she was my mom, and her views of me having her grandchild did lighten up. I loved her, as she loved me.
The pain was extremely bad. After a while they gave me an epidural. I was almost numb.. but yet i could still feel it. It felt weird, and unexplainable.

-5 hours into labour-

Fioanna: get ready to push, im going to count to ten, and you will push through the contraction.

Me: ohfuck my life !

Devon was holding my left leg, and Marisol my right. My mom was just watching in amazment. I pushed through about 5 contractions when i heard a beautiful faint cry.

Alexia was placed on my chest for a moment, then Devon got to cut the cord.

Alexia Marisol Charlotte Cruz ' Hollows
6Lbs 2 Oz. 19 inches long.

Yes she ended up being small for her age. and she has a hyphen in her last name, so she has her daddys last name also.

A few hours later i invited everyone from the waitingroom to see my Daughter, Alexia. To my surprise, Katlynn was there!
Chapter 5 page 2
Monday, December 17

I was feeling incredibly unconfortable, i was due in three days. Today was my last day of school, then i go on maternity leave. Parker and I were no longer together, I couldnt trust him, i read his texts, which were wrong of me, and found a few girls texting him from school. -.- the court date happened, we had 50/50 custody... i wasnt happy about that at all. This means we will have to continue to see eachother, Alexia doesnt deserve this. I asked Marisol to be there when i have the baby. Alec and I are best friends, and he is always there for me. I wish he was the father of Alexia. Our family would be adorable. Anyway, school time.
I woke up, and My brother was sleeping in my bed next to me...wtf?!
Me: Rhett, What are you doing here?
Rhett: huh...
Me: why the hell are you next to me?
Rhett: oh..last night, you were upset, and i came in to see if you were alright, and we fell asleep talking.
Me: oh, i cant remember. But thankyou for that. It means alot rhett.
Rhett: no prob. Want me to drive today?
Me: yeah.. thanks, Brad drives to fast, and Marisol is busy.
Rhett: anytime babe..

I mean Cali...

I walked into my bathroom, and continued to get ready for My last day. I wore maternity jeans, and a longsleeve shirt. I could go into labour anyday now. What if my water breaks during school...

Rhett and I were ready, and out the door. He drove slower than usual, just incase anything happens.

Classes went usual today, until lunch....

*Writers note: hey guys, sorry i havent been writing alot lately, I love each of you for reading my story. My dad is in the hospital right now, and im stressed. I promise a ton more soon. There will also be a sequal after Alexia is born. I promise.
thanks Gorgeous girls.**