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ZombieSheaye's Favorite Quotes

Romeo: Hey I just met you. 
Romeo: And this is crazy.
But I saw you at your dad's party I wasn't supposed to attend and I thought you were pretty cute so I followed you and we kissed but your nanny called you away and I found out you were a Capulet and got bummed so I sneaked into your backyard in the middle of the night and climbed onto your balcony uninvited to profess my dying love after an hour even though I loved Rosaline like 2 scenes ago. 
So marry me maybe.


An 8th Grade Class
Teacher: Okay class, in body language, what would a smile mean?
Kid 1: Happy
Teacher: Good! Anything Else?
Kid 2: Excitement
Teacher: Good, anything else? There's one more
*no one raises their hand*
*finnaly a kid raises hand*
Kid who never talks: Well, it usually means that they are actually not happy at all and just need someone to know that they are not okay.

My rapist, does not know he is a rapist
Because nobody has told him it was his fault. They blamed me for it. They told me "The door wasn't locked you could have run." "You could have bit him." "You weren't handcuffed to the bed were you?" My rapist, doesn't know he's a rapist cause he's gotten away with everything hes done with me for 512 days. My best friends turned on me. He got a girl friend. My exboyfriend told me I did everything wrong and could have done more to prevent it, and the principles at my school don't care to keep him away from me. Our society has told my rapist that what he did was okay. My rapist doesn't know he is a rapist, and I'm the one who has to suffer. But I will fight for justice until his dyeing day.


I went to walgreens to pick up some new eyeliner
..I was there looking through all the colors when I heard
a high pitched, deadly, glass shattering scream
then a loud noise that sounded like thunder
the next thing I remembered was everyone shouting.
I couldn't understand any of them
I started to pray "Jesus keep me safe, please God, please."
Then I had the feeling to put my phone in my breast pocket
so I did..
I heard 2.. 3.. 4 gun shots
people screaming, then everything was quiet.
I turned around and I could of sworn something hit me
but when I looked down, I was fine
Then I saw a tall man with brown hair and big, brown eyes look at me
then he turned around and ran..
It took me a second to catch my breath, then I ran quickly into the opposite
isle of the store
and there I saw something noone should ever experience..
2 women where on the ground, their hands over their leg and chest
and 3 men struggling to get up, blood gushing from their body
I shrieked and grabbed my phone out to call the cops
then what next I saw took my breath away..
a bullet stuck in the back of my phone

.. right where I thought the man had shot me.
     miiine.// nicoleypoleyoley
Telling someone with depression to "just get over it and be happy" is like telling someone with a broken leg to run to the hospital.

Telling someone with an eating disorder to  "just eat" is like telling someone with claustrophobia to get inside a small cupboard and lock the door.

Telling someone who self-harms to "just stop doing it" is like telling a drug addict to sit in a room full of drugs and touch nothing.

 How can you judge what you don't understand?

--------------------- ---------
She wanted to get high.  So he took her to the tallest hill in town. She said she wanted to stay up all night and drink. So he gave her a 12 pack of caffienated soda and said "Drink up." She said she wanted to shoot herself in the face. So he gave her a water gun and let her pull the trigger. She said she wanted to cut herself. So he took a Polaroid picture of her face and let her cut it up. She said she wanted to cry herself to sleep. So he had her watch a sad romantic movie before bed. She said that she wanted to be alone. So he made her a tag that said "Hi, my name is Alone." She said that she wanted someone to take care of her. So he asked when he wasnt.

torn between two
w h o    w o u l d    y o u    c h o o s e:
the one that you love
or the one
that loves you?

fave for a boy's name that looks good with your's.


.............YOU CAN PICK TWO