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What the hell is a Zorox, anyway? Anyone want to tell me why I chose that name??? idk, I'm just bored.

'bout me:
Name: Antigone
Species: Smartass
Gender: Female
Ask.com: ask.fm/Antigone12

Quotes by Zorox

And who will love me for me? Not for what I have done, or what I will become.

And when your homesick
Give me your hand and I'll hold it

Even when the music's gone.

Just an innocent child
with a thorn in his heart.

Born with a heart
broken from the start.

If our destiny is to eventually drown...
Then let us sink to the very bottom.

Couldn't save you from the start

Why are you searching
As if I'm not enough

Feeling my way through the darkness

One of these days the sky's gonna break.