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i swear your as subtle as a brick in the small of my back so lets end; this call and end this ` conversation theres nothing worse. i swear you have no idea the jealousy . that became me thinking that you 'always had it way too easy`best friend thinks i pulled the trigger. best friend thinks you get what you ` deserve...

Quotes by ZzFaLLeN4YoUZz

.o:* Your Perfect
*:o. ...Because everything you do
.o:* Makes me smile
*:o. ...Because every second spent with you
.o:* Is worthwhile
.o:* ...Because when you laugh at me
*:o. I laugh too
.o:* ...Because everyone else can see
*:o. That I'm devoted to you
.o:* ...Because I love your eyes
.o:* And the way they shine
*:o. ...Because you don't tell lies
.o:* And you're so cute when you whine
*:o. ...Because when you get mad
.o:* You can't hide it
.o:* ...Because even when you're sad
*:o. I can find it
.o:* ...Because the way you hold me
*:o. Sends shivers down my spine
.o:* ...Because your spirits so free
.o:* And your so damn fine
*:o. ...Because I never stop thinking about you
.o:* It's just not fair
*:o. ...Because you're so perfect
.o:* And no one else can compare
He DoEzn*t kn0,
[[..Wha He d0es tA Me..]]
He teLLs Me,
[[..He L0vEs Me..]].
I kn0..
[[..He d0eZ..]].
Buh d0eZ He kn0,
h0w mUcH,
[[..I L0ve hIm..]]?
D0eZ he kn0,
Dat WhEn,
[[..I huRt Him..]],
It MaKes Me Cry.?
I maKe,
BuH I..
[[..LeaRn fr0m Dem..]].
I NevA Meant tA..
[[..HuRt HiM..]].
He D0eZn*t kn0,
h0w MuCh,
[[..I Hurt..]],
When I,
Can't Be,
[[..Wit Him..]]
I WouLd..
D0 AnyThAng,
[[..fA Him..]]
WhEn I..
ThiNk b0ut Him,
[[..I SmiLe..]]
When I..
DreAm b0uT Him,
[[..It's HeAvEn...]]
WhEn I..
MiSs Him,
[[..It's HeLL..]]
I wiSh I C0uLd..
[[..H0Ld hIm..]]
I wiSh I C0uLd..
[[..Kiss him..]]
I Jus waNna kn0,
Dat He Is HeRe,
[[..KeEpIn Me WarM..]]
EaSin Da...
MAkiN My..
Go aWay.
& KeEpln Me [[..SaFe..]]
He Is Da [[..0Ne..]],
[[..I L0ve..]]
H0w d0eZ Da [[..0nE..]]..
[[..I L0ve..]]
MaKe Me [[..Cry..]]
[[..HurTiN Me..]]?
**my screaming ...is all but a whisper to you**
Xo *-* I fEeL lIKe iM fAlLinG aPaRt WiThOuT yOu... Xo -*-
..) i d0nt regret the rain
. 0r the niqhtz i felt the pain
. 0r the tearz i had t0 cry
( s0me 0f th0uqhz timez
`. every r0ad i had t0 take
) everytime my heart w0uld break
. it was all just s0mthin i had t0 d0
( _.*..` t0 qet me t0 y0u
It*s ThAt FeEliNg WeN u CaN*t GeT A (-song-)
*OuT Of YoUr HeAd*
..only this time..
*i cant*
GeT HiS (-name)...HiS (-voice-)...HiS (-smile-)
HiS e v e r y t h i n g
*out of mine*
i`m sO sCarEd. . .
sO aFraId yOuR gOnnA rEaLiZe
hOw AmAzInG yOu rEaLly aRe
aNd tHen yOu`Ll lOok aT me
AnD thInK - wHaT am I dOiN wIth HeR
aNd yOuR gOnnA rEaLizE wHat AlL tHa
OtHer GuYs hAvE aNd yOu`Ll knOw
yOu CaN dO sO mUch BeTtEr
--| 'tearless' |--
i always feel better after talking to you
you make me smile you make me feel
beautiful inside and out and you do this
without promising me the moon whispering
.forever. or pretending you do this by being
*. When we were born half our
.* soul was given to someone else
*. and we spend all our life
.* lOoking . fOr . thEm
:** **:
iTs LikE wEn Im RoUnD
yOu nOtHiNg cAn Go
wRoNg-eVrY rEgReT
beCoMeS fOrGoTtEn
nD aLl mY pRoBlEmS
aRe sUdDnLy [ gOne]
:** **: