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Quotes by ZzZz123

Do you like to fish? 
    cuz I want you to 
 hook me up ;)


"SHH, don't encourage her!"


Whenever someone asks for a pen....


I always give them my ugliest one.





Ever since I watched ToStory..



I'd leave my room and quickly turn back to see if my toys moved


I promise I have a 6-pack;


It's just shy

Boy you got my heartbeat
runnin' away
beatin like a drum

and it's coming your way


Dear Computer,
            Can you not freeze while I'm stalking his profile?
                                         Sincerely, every teenage girl who enjoys checking up on him

all mine(:

{Am I the Only One}  
that always   trips UP the stairs,when running from basement with the lights off?



I always peek out of my 3-D glasses, just to see the
* [difference.] *

There really are Vampires out there.
They're called

they suck your blood
they make your skin pale
and if  you stuck a piece of garlic under it,
well, that would hurt

all mine. favorite.*