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Leaving bye.

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Bye witty /:

Witty is a place where you know your safe. Where, you can express your feelings & thoughts.

Not with drama and sh*t.
I don't like cyberbullying at all! I did it before and I felt so bad.
Then I stopped, and my life got better.

Please [<3] If you wish that witty was better.



When Your cat is fatter than you (;

Stay Classy.
Never Trashy.

Karma is a b*tch.
You will find that out sooner or later.

-Dude, Stop playing with my heart. It's not a f*cking bouncy ball.


*.My weekend.*

Friday: witty
Saturday: witty
Sunday: witty

Anyone else? Just me? <3

ex gf-I like turtles.
ex bf-thats cool.
ec gf-Yeah I know right.
ex bf-Hahaha guess what I like?
ex gf-WHAT? >:O
ex bf-My girlfriend.
ex gf- hmf. -.-

I wasn't that drunk...
Dude, You picked up my pet Gecio, and started asking it, how can I save 15% off.