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They locked her up and put her away.

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if you want that

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It's selfish of me to not want you
to follow your dreams if it doesn't mean staying with me.
It's selfish and I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I am.

I like seriously need some dares from you guys. I will post the video on my youtube after it's finished being edited and stuff. Please send me stuff I love you.

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This isn't love


The second chapter keeps getting deleted. I don't know why and I can't upload another chapter if everyone hasn't read the second one. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? ;-;

Thanks, author.
P.s. I will notify anyone who asks.♥

This isn't love

Chapter one

"“Just look at her!” I hear them yelling behind me.
I don’t turn around. That will only make it worse. It’s already bad but they can get meaner and meaner if need be.
“Don’t tease her,” I hear someone say.
What?” Another girl asks, obviously surprised at someone defending me.
I’m about to turn around when I hear the catch.
“It’s bad enough she has no friends.” They all burst out laughing.
Someone throws something at the back of my head. I put my head down and watch my feet. They keep insulting me. They say things about my family. My friends. My entire life.
They don’t matter to you. You know that. All the want it to see you cry which you’re not going to do. Don’t let them see you cry. They don’t deserve to see you cry. They are nothing. “Why don’t you turn around and face us, little girl?” One taunts me.
“Yeah, c’mon! You’re not scared are you?” Another laughs.
“Poor little girl.” I hear a boy. A familiar boy. I turn my head a little and see it’s my lab partner for science. Emmett.
He has his arm around a girl I’ve hear being called Adriane. She has light brown, curly hair. She’s wearing the usual school uniform. Hers is a little different than mine, though. Hers has a very short skirt and a short sleeved shirt.
“She shows her face!” One smiles a really big, fake smile.
Finally!” Adriane exclaims.
I turn back around and hurry to the stairs, where I can loose them.
“Poor baby, can’t stand being the center of attention.” Emmett says in a sad voice.
I turn around and smack the nearest girl to me. She shrieks and covers the cheek my hand smacked.
“How dare you!” Emmett yells and begins pulling his sleeves up.
No,” I yell, “how dare you! You all have been making fun of me for the past two years! I’ve dealt with it and kept quiet about it for two whole years. I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you! All of you! Nothing you say about me is true and everyone believes it! I have no friends because of the lies you tell everyone! No one likes me here and I can’t change schools! I’m stuck in this place dealing with my problems alone! My only friends are either younger or older than me and I’m sick of having no friends my age because of you!” I calm down and push my hair behind my ear.
Without waiting for a response I turn around and head up the staircase.
I see a lot of people staring at me. They’re all giving me dirty looks and whispering.
“She has a voice,” I hear Emmett shout.
“You just don’t get it.” I clench my fists and continue up the stairs.
I find my locker, quickly unlock it and grab the books I need. I hear a lot of people still whispering about me, but I just ignore it. I’ve said what I needed to say and that’s all there is to it.
My only concern about the rest of the day is having all my classes with those idiots. I have science with Emmett as my lab partner next. I can already tell it’s going to be hard to get through it. If I’m lucky, the most he’ll do is yell.
You did what you needed to. You should be proud of yourself for standing up to those bullies.
I hurry to the science hallway and into my class. Room 107 with Ms Adams. She’s waiting at the door with a huge smile on her face. Dark hair in a pony tail, eyes dark brown and glowing. She looks so happy all the time. I crave being like her. Happy. Smiling. Not a care in the world.
The bell rings and a few of the students who socialize in the hallway too much hurry into the classroom and take their seats fast.
“Take your seat next to your lab partner. We’re doing another lab today.” Ms Adams chimes. Just my luck.
I take my stuff to the back table where the cubbies are. I open the cubby labeled A-3 which is mine, since I sit in the row A in the third seat. I walk at a snail’s pace over to Emmett and my table where we do all of our labs together.
He’s sitting there already with his long brown hair in his eyes and a grin on his face.
“Take a seat, doll,” he smiles as big as he can and pats the seat next to his.
“Whatever,” I mutter and sit. I scoot the seat as far away as I can.
“Don’t be that way,” he pulls the chair by its legs closer to him and puts his arm around me.
I shake his arm off, “Don’t do that!” I whisper-yell.
“Why not?” He grabs my hand and holds it tightly.
“You don’t have a right to touch me, Emmett.” I sternly inform him. “I could call the police on you for doing such a thing.” I try scaring him.
“You wouldn’t do that, doll.” He lightens the grip on my hand, but doesn’t completely let go.
I use my other hand to pry his hand off of mine. “Leave me alone. Don’t talk to me unless necessary. Do you understand that?”
“Not at all,” he grins.

Well, that is the first chapter of a new story I am going to work really hard on. How do you like the characters so far? Comments, concerns, likes/dislikes would be appriciated. Thank you.

P.s. I will notify anyone who asks.♥
I need  ideas for a story. I'm going to write one and post it on here. Possibly Wattpad too. I need ideas. Like, really creative(yet reasonable) ideas that could turn into something cool.
I need the plot, setting, character information, etc.
So, let me know if you have any ideas please
I will read and comment back to all.
Thank you.

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