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hello fellow wittians.
This is Jaime.
Well I am an very outgoing girl. I'm nice unless you get on my bad side which you do not wanna do. [:
thisss be Becccca ;]
im outgoing. nice. outof. wordstosay.
dont mess with my friends, or you'll be in some pretty deep shittt :D
Jaime's main account; cheerbabiix100
Becca's main account; cheerx342

Jaime [[offline]]
Becca [[offline]]
not always accurrateeee. we try thoughhh ;]


aeroangel x12 (10:52:17 PM): oh dorry ;]
beccalyn x 15 (10:52:24 PM): dorry?
beccalyn x 15 (10:52:30 PM): JUST KEEP SWIMMING!
beccalyn x 15 (10:52:37 PM): JUST KEEP SWIMMINGG!

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