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                                              You Dont Scare Me 
(Chapter; 1)

   I heard something running towards me. I could make out it was a person. But i couldnt figure out who it was. I turned around & they stopped about 5 feet from me. "Did you use to go to school here?" the voice asked. It was soft & gental. I could tell it was a girl. "Yes i did, i moved three years ago though" i said. The girl came into sight. She was one of my best friends when i lived here. "Yeah i know"  she smiled. "Remember me?, im Morgan" she said. I laughed. "Yes i remember you!" i said. We started talking & soon we were across town. "I dont know why you moved back, this town is so dumb" she said. I just looked at her. "Well it really wasnt my choice" i frowned. She just glanced at me. And looked at the road. "Im sor" she paused. "Im just really sorry" she added after a couple moments. I smiled at her.  "It's alright. My life there was perfect though, perfect boyfriend, amazing friends, i honestly didnt think i'd ever have to move again. But i guess that's what i get for doing my own thinking" i laughed. Morgan laughed too. "So what happen to all our old friends?" i asked. She didnt speek for a moment. "Well, after 8th grade we all kinda went sepreate ways" she said. Still looking at the road ahead. I didnt say anything at first. Then i said "Well, that's how it always happens". We decided to turn around. We exchanged phone numbers. She went to her house. I went to mine. Once i had my house in veiw i saw that the U-Haul was unloading things at my house. "You guy's finally made it!" i teased the guys driving it. They smiled, & continued with unloading. I went around to the back of my yard. And layed on the grounds watching the clouds. Watching the clouds from my back yard was my favorite thing in the world to do. I still heard kids yelling & screaming. I tried making out what they were saying. But i couldnt. I drifted off to sleep. The early morning sunshine woke me up. Shining bright on my face. I felt like i had a sunburn. But i didnt move. I was too tired. I put my arm across my face & fell back to sleep. Around eight my mom came outside & woke me up. I didnt even want to move. I finally made it into the house. I took a shower & blew dry my hair &  traightened it. I didnt have anything to do. Or any plans. But you always have to be ready when you leave the house. Just incase you come across someone you have to impress. As i was finishing my hair. Morgan appeared at my door. "Hey, girl" she smiled. "Your mom let me in" she added. I laughed. "I figured you just broke in". We both laughed. "Wanna hang out?" she asked nicly. "But i mean if you have plans, it's okay" she said confusingly i understood. "Yeah, we can. Let me find my shoes" i said. Luckly they were right in front of me. I told my mom i'd be back later. And me & Morgan left. "I want my mom to see what you look like now, your so freaking gorgeous" she said. I laughed. I didnt think i was pretty at all compared to her. So we walked to her house. And there was a boy on her front porch. About Eightteen maybe? "Raelynn this is my brother Brice, if you dont remember" she laughed. I Smiled. "Hi Brice" i said. He smiled as well. "Nice to meet you Raelynn." We walked inside of her house. I could still feel Brices eyes on me. I turned around before i shut the door. And sure enough he was still looking at me. He was gorgeous. Brown hair, Blue eyes, Athletic body. Any girls dream. I smiled as i shut the door. And followed Morgan into the kitchen. I saw this woman standing in the kitchen looking over a man reading the paper. "Mom, Dad" she said "This is Raelynn". They both smiled at me. "Well hello honey" her mom said. "You are gorgeous, just like Morgan said" she laughed. "You two girls better watch out this year at school. All the guys will be after you two" her dad said. I couldnt help but laugh. Guy's were never interested in me. I didnt think? I told her parents why we had to move back. Which they probably already knew because i told Morgan last night. When we left Morgans house, Brice was still outside on the front steps. "So your gonna be a Junior?" he asked as i was talking away. "I am right now" i said. "Cool, im a Senior" he smiled. I started to walk away with Morgan. And i remember it was Monday. "Morgan, why arent you in school?, there's still a couple more days left of school" i said. She smiled at me "No silly, we've been out for a week already" she said. I felt dumb, because i wasnt even sure when they were suppose to get out. I just knew my old school got out in a couple days. "Oh, i feel dumb" i admited. She laughed. "No need for that" she said. We kept walking down the road & we started talking. "So, your brother  wont be going to our school this coming year?" i asked Morgan. She looked at me. "Nope, thank god. I cant stand him most of the time. But i think he has a thing for you" she laughed. I didnt comment on that, I just smiled. We walked down to the park. It was the mot beautiful sight i've ever seen. The sun shining on the flowers, & the sky as bright as ever. "This is my favorite place to be in the summer" Morgan said. As she sat down on the green grass. I could tell why it was her favorite place. I smiled & sat down beside her.

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                                       (Chapter; 6)

   It's been five years since my best friend died. I am now 21 & Luke is 22. Last saturday was our wedding day. We've been through alot. And we'll have a ton more to go through. Today were buying our first house. It's beautiful. Big & the rooms are colorfull. We started bringing out boxes into the rooms. As the days went by. We unpacked. Our house was looking amazing. Luke pulled out this drawing. Hung it on the wall in our living room. It was the one that Jordan drew of me & Luke. "Cant forget this" he said as he hung it up. Now our house was finally complete. "I love you Jordan" i whispered to the drawing. And from then on we lived happily with a little peice of Jordan with us.

                                        THE END

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                                       (Chapter; 6)

  It's been 3 weeks since Jordan told me had cancer. Luke & I still talked, & texted everyday. I still hung out with Jordan everyday. Sometimes Luke would even hang out with us. One Saturday night, while me & Jordan was sitting on my front porch, Luke walked up. He started talking to Jordan like they were long lost best friends. I thought it was kind of nice. I told them to hang on while i went and got us some tea to drink. As i walked inside, i heard my name. And of course.  When you hear someones talking about you. You have to listen. I could barley hear anything through the door. So i went ahead and got the tea. When i came back out. They were laughing and smilein. I kind of felt left out. But i wasnt worrying about it. They were talking about football (something i hated more then anything). I sat there acting like i knew what they were talking about. "I never asked you this, whos your favorite football player Maddie?" Jordan asked. I had to think of someone fast. I never told them i didnt like football. "Lebran James" i said. They started laughing. I didn't know what was so funny. So i started laughing as well. "You dont know much about football do you?" Jordan smiled. They started laughing again. "Lebran James is a Basketball player" Luke laughed. I officially felt dumb. "Oh well i still love you" Luke & Jordan both said at the exact same time. After that there was an akward silence. Finally Luke said "Well, i better get going". I stood up to give him a hug. It felt like he was holding on to me, like it was the last time he was ever going to see me again. After he let go. He walked off. "See ya man" Jordan called after him. "You too dude" Luke called back. I watched him as he got into his car. Turning his car on. Looking back at me. He looked me in the eyes. And waved. I watched him drive down the road until he was out of sight. I turned back to the porch. Jordan was staring at me. "So where were we" i teased. "Well, i dont know about WE but YOU were about to go kiss Luke" he teased back. 

  The past month. Luke & Jordan became really close. Like brothers, they were always hanging out. And they were always asking me if i wanted to go with them. But i hardley ever did. I wanted to pay more attention to my school work. But lately Jordan started going to chemo. He started loosing his hair more & more. He finally just cut his hair (ALMOST) completly off. He still had a little bit at the top. I asked them if they wanted to go to the movies one friday night. Luke was up for it. But Jordan said he had to do something. It was weird because he never turned down a movie. Me & Luke went ahead and went to the movie though. We had a great time. I tried texting Jordan but he never answered. I tried calling him when i got home. Still no answer. I didnt really think nothing of it. So i went upstairs to my room. I fell asleep thinking how amazing having the two most important boys of my life. Actually likeing each other. I NEVER once heard them fight. Luke was so amazing. But Jordan? He was so incredibly strong. Never bringing up his cancer. But he knew it made me sad. I fell asleep. When i woke up, i had four text messages. The first one was from Luke. "Goodnight Babe" he had sent. The other three were from Jordan. "Call me when you wake up!" "Wake up!" && "Are u ever going to wake up?". As soon as i got those messages. I called Jordan. He told me he was in the hospital. His cancer was so bad he couldnt even leave. He said that he'd like if it i could come by and see him as soon as possible. I couldnt even believe what he told me. I cried my eyes out as i was getting dressed. I called Jordan back & asked him if it was okay if i brought Luke with me. Jordan told me that Luke was already there with him. I took my moms car & drove to the hospital. It seemed like everyone was in a happy mood. I had no idea why. My face was probably more red then elmo. But i didnt care. I walked into Jordans room. Seeing him in that bed. Iv's in his arm. Cords running from machines. I started crying. Luke walked over by me and held me. Jordan hated it when i cried. He couldnt help but start crying hisself. I walked over to the bed. And threw my arms around Jordan. "This cant be happeneing" i whispered. He didnt say a word. No one this young should have to go through this. "I love you Maddie" he said. I looked up at him, with my red puffy face. "I love you too Jordan" i said. Luke sat over  there in the corner. Quietly, not saying a word. Jordan looked down at me. "I had Luke come here because i knew you'd need someone" Jordan said. Luke brought a chair over & put it next to Jordans bed. I sat down. "Jordan you know, you've always been one of my best friends, even when you left. When i forgot about you. Somehow id always see that picture of me & you together. And it'd be a flashback." i said. Jordan smiled at me. "Just please dont be sad. It's just my time to go" Jordan said. I just couldnt hold it in. I cried even harder. He turned to a dresser & opened the first drawer. "Remember when we were in the tree house & i put something behind my back.?" He said. I nooded my head. "Well this is what it was"  he said. He pulled out a painting it was a boy & a girl laying on a porch. I couldnt talk, i couldnt even breathe. It was Luke & i. "I saw you guys that one night. Laying there so perfect by eachother. & that's when i knew you two were ment to me." he said. I looked over at Luke, & i saw a single tear excape from his eyes. Jordan had a tear too. But he smiled at me. "So please, spend the rest of your life with him" (He pointed towards Luke). He's an amazing guy. And he also makes you happy. I saw the way you looked holding onto him that night. I know he's sorry for everything he's done. He loves you Maddie, He honestly does" he finished. Luke got up & walked out of the room. "This drawing is for you" he said as he handed it to me".  "I love you Jordan" i said. "I love you too Maddie" he smiled.  That night was the last night i talked to that amazing boy! He died in his sleep with me holding his hand. I know he's in a better place. And i know he knows i love him. I'll never forget him.

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                                    (Chapter; 5)

  I couldnt think about anything the rest of the night. I would just start crying out of no where. How did he have cancer? I would always ask myself. I was sitting outside that Saturday evening when i heard someone walking. It sounded like they were getting closer. I saw a shadow on the side walk. Then i saw a head peek around the corner. It was Luke. "Maddie, im sorry about last weekend" he said. As he walked up the stairs. I sat there, looking confused. "Dont be sorry, theres just too many things going on right now to fight with you" i said. He walked over and sat right beside me on the top of the stairs. "Are you okay?" he asked in a low voice. I turned to look at him. Tears in my eyes. "No im not okay" i whispered. He grabbed my hand and it was like a magical touch. I looked up, And he was looking me in the eyes. "You can tell me" he whispered. I turned my head. I didnt want him to see the tears falling down my face. "It's just jordan was my best friend, his parents died. And i found out he has cancer." i said. "I just dont know what to do anymore" i added. He didnt say anything at all, and i think that was the best choice. We just sat there on my front porch. Watching the moon. It was great, i could just sat there and not say a word with Luke. And there wasnt that akwardness with it. He never let go of my hand. I had my phone on the porch laying next to me. I checked it. "You should probably go home, it's getting late" i said to Luke. He smiled towards the moon. "It doesnt matter if it's 5am ill still stay here if you want me too" he said. I couldnt help but smile. He put his arm around me, And pulled me close to his chest. I had mixed feelings. Sometimes i thought i was in love with Luke, other times i thought i was in love with Jordan. We layed back on my porch watching the stars. I tried to count them. But i knew it was impossible.

  We fell asleep during the night. My dad opened the door the next morning. He was pretty shocked as well i believe. I guess he thought i was in my room all night. He went out and checked the mail. Didnt say a word to us. Just smiled as he walked back into the house. As soon as the door shut, i saw Lukes eyes open. He didnt look like he'd been sleeping at all. "When did you go to sleep?" i asked. He smiled at me. "I didnt go to sleep". I didnt know what i was suppose to say so i just layed my head right back down. It was relaxing although the birds were getting pretty annoying. "I'd like to meet Jordan" Luke said. I was shocked. I didnt know what to say, i didnt want him to meet him. But then again i did. "We'll work something out" i teased. I wasnt sure if he heard me. Because he didnt say anything. I looked over. And his eyes were shut. He finally passed out. I thought to my self. I layed my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat pretty loudly. It sothed my body. I guess that's why i fell back asleep. While i was sleeping. I had a dream, that Jordan had died. I was in his hospital room with him. He told me he loved me. And then i woke up. I was so scared. I was hopeing it was all a dream. The whole cancer thing and everything. As i woke up, Luke had been sitting next to me already awake. Watchin these kids across the street playing. He didnt say anything for a moment. Then he said, without looking back. "While you were sleeping, you kept saying Jordans name" he paused. "I think he's the one your in love with, and i dont want to stop you from being happy. Sure your the one im in love with. But ill never be happy unless your happy, And he's what makes you happy. I can tell" he finished. "So go after him Maddie". he stood up. About ready to leave. "Luke wait. I dont know who i want. The confusing thing is i love you both so much. But i need to figure out with is for friendship and which is for real love." i said. He turned around sat back down. He told me He'd do anything for me. He told me that he's been waiting for this moment. For over two years. But it wasnt the same because when he pictured it. I was happy. He then stood up and left. This time he didnt say a word as he got into his car & drove off. I ran over to Jordans house. To see what he was donig. But of course, like always he wasnt home. I sat on his front porch. Hopeing he would come home soon. I wanted to see him. I had to make sure he was still alive. Knowing someone is sick, or has some kind of cancer. It makes you worry 24/7. No matter what. And it's like you have to know their alive. So you call them. And text them nonstop. It didnt look like he was coming home. So i thought id go out back and visit the tree house. As i was going up the ladder. I heard movement inside the tree house. I reached the top. "JORDAN!" i gasped. He smiled at me. There was paper all over. He had been drawing. He put one behind his back. "What was that?" i teased. He laughed "Oh nothing". I grabbed the first drawing i saw. It was so beautiful. It was his parents. His mom had Light brown hair brown eyes. She was gorgeous. Then sitting next to her was his father. Tall, dark, and he was incredibly handsome. "Jordan this is really amazing" i said. "I do this when your busy" he said. I looked up. "But i wasnt busy Jordan. I've been looking for you all day" i begged. He just looked at me. With a weird expression on his face. I didnt pay attention to it. I grabbed another painting of his. It was a painting of my house. It was the most amazing painting i had ever seen in my life. The details were so fine. It looked like a professional did it. I could honestly look at it all day. "Jordan, this painting is so amazing" i said. A tear slipped from my face. It hit the painting. "Not many people know i can paint" he said. I picked up another painting. It was me when i was a little girl. "OH MY GOODNESS JORDAN!" i gasped. He looked down. His expression wasnt happy. "What's wrong?" i asked. He closed his eyes. "I made this from what i remember when we were little. I had no pictures or anything." a tear fell from his beautiful cheek. How can a person remember what someone looks like this well. I thought to myself. It was EXACTLY what i looked like. Long brown hair. Blue eyes sparkling. A couple freckles under my eyes. It was like he could read my mind. "I still remember the freckles" he laughed. "That summer you got so sunburt your eyes were swollen shut" he laughed again. I gave him a dirty look. "Yeah yeah, we all know the story, then after my eyes got back to normal i had freckles under my eyes. We all know" i hissed. He laughed at that remark. I couldnt help but smile. 

                                                 (End of Chapter 5)

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                                         (Chapter; 5)

  We sat there on that boat dock. Talking and telling eachother how much we missed one another. He broke the subject saying. "Dont you have school tomorrow?". I forgot all about school. It had to of been at least 2am. My parents were in bed when i left. So hopefully they didnt get up and see me gone. "Yeah i have school, come on, we can walk back together" i said. "No it's alright you can go back, i think ill just stay here" he said. "Wait, dont you have to go to school tomorrow too? arent you starting tomorrow?" i said with a hope he was. "Yeah, but i cant go to sleep. Trust me" he said. "What's wrong?" i said with worry. "We'll talk about it next weekend or something" he said. I didnt know what else to say to him. So i just started walking off. "See you tomorrow" i called over my shoulder. "You too" he called back at me. I slowly walked back to my house, i was still wore out from  running earlier. I got home And got into bed. I was so tired. It was 2:45am by the time i got home. I fell asleep. And it seemed like i was asleep 10 minutes and my alarm was going off. I had to take another shower because i had dirt on my knees from when i fell last night. I took a shower. Blow dryed my hair. And got ready for school. I was actually kind of happy i got to see Jordan. I drove my moms car to school. Because she was off work on Mondays. I seen Jordan as soon as i pulled into the drive of the school. "Hey Maddy!" he called after me. I got out of the car. And ran over to him. "You seem in a good mood today" i laughed. He smiled back at me. We didnt have any classes together. But during that week we hung out everynight. Luke didnt try talking to me but on that thursday. I didnt talk back though. So we didnt even have a full conversation. The week passed pretty fast. That friday night, Jordan asked me if i was doing anything. And of course i had no plans. He smiled and said "Good, i was hopeing we could hang out". Im glad he told me that because at that moment, i remembered he was suppose to tell me something this weekend. I didnt bring it up until that Friday night. We were sitting outside in my mom & dad's swing. Swinging back & fourth. "So, why is your family never home?" i asked. He just ignored me & looked up at the stars. He didnt say anything, although his face went from happy, to dissapointed. "I was hopeing this wasnt going to come up for awhile" he said. He had tears in his eyes. "Jordan, i didnt know it was like this. We can change the subject" i said. "No you need to know, I have cancer" he said. I was shocked, i couldnt move. "And, when we first found out my parents both were devistated. They traveled to the best doctors around" he trailed off. "That's why we moved, i found out when i was 11" i started to cry. "But recently we were going to go to Mexico because we heard they had the best doctors. And on our way there we got into a car crash, a semi hit our car. And it killed my parents. I was in the hospital for two weeks. But i made it. They doctors told me i only had a couple months to live because of my cancer. And i knew i had to come see you my last few months. Your the only thing i thought about the whole time, now i live in my old house by myself, my grandma lives accross town, but i stay at my house by myself!" his eyes were watery now. His hand touched my hand. "Dont cry" he said. "Ill have some time to spend with you". I couldnt believe what i was hearing. "But your so perfect, and gorgeous, your only 16" i cried. "That doesnt matter babe, cancer isnt just going to skip me because im only 16. That's not how it works". I sat there holding his hand in my lap. Feeling like a semi just ran into me. I couldnt even say another word. "If i only knew i had a couple months, trust me i wouldnt of ever left. I only left because i thought i could get a cure, & i could come back to you." he said. He pulled my head over to his shoulder kissed my forehead, and left it there on his shoulder. "Maddie Danielle Wright, your the first girl i've ever loved, & the last one" he said. I held his hand tighter. As i cried and cried.

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                                         (Chapter; 3) 

   I couldnt sleep at all that night. I tossed & turned just knowing that boy was next door made my hands sweat. Did i miss him that bad? Honestly i havent thought about Jordan in a long time, after a couple years i thought id never talk to him again, i was young & naive so i didnt even care. I mean i did have alot of things going on. I thought about how we made that tree house in the back of my house, i remember how we would go out there for hours. Our parents would always know where we were because of course it was our favorite place in the whole entire world. I forgot all about our old play house. I havent been out there in years. My brothers never even play in it. I threw my covers back & i went down the stairs as fast (but as quite) as i could. I opened my back door, & walked down the stairs off my porch. I stood beneath it admiring it as best as i could from the moonlight. I started going up the steps one by one to see what the inside looked like now days. I reached the top & peeked my head in there. A dark figure was laying in the corner with a pillow & a blanket. As i was about to fall down the stairs by being scared i realized it was Jordan. What was wrong with him? I thought to myself. I went over by him & shook his body "Jordan, Jordan" i hissed. He rolled over & smiled at me "You found me" he laughed. I stared at him "What are you doing here" i hissed. "Same thing your doing, cant sleep, thinking about all the good things we had & the fun times". I looked out the little window shaped frame my dad made when we were five. I didnt want to say "Your right" because i didnt want him to think he was. But he was absoutly & possitivly right. We both sat there, talked about how we've been & what we've been through. Luke was even brought up. I told him all about him. But i did forget to mention the part where i thought i was still in love with him (or maybe i didnt forget just didnt want him to know). But either way, he said Luke was an idiot for messing things up with me. I didnt know if he was trying to say he liked me or what. I just laughed when he said anything in that line. He told me he had just came out of a really bad relationship too. And when he told me the story of how the girl cheated on him over & over. It honestly made me want to cry. When he told me, he had no emotions showing at all. I didnt know if it was just a front for me or what. But i didnt feel like i had the right to ask anymore about it though. We layed there sharing his pillow. And he told me all his fears, he told me his dreams. I told him the same. I couldnt believe how late it was getting. I told him i better get inside because my mom & dad would be up soon & they would have a heartattack. He told me that he was just going to stay out there for the night, that his mom & dad probably wouldnt even care.

   I fell asleep i guess around 7 in my bed. I dont even remember it but i guess i did. As soon as my eyes open i looked at my hand. Had to make sure his number was still on there. Ran to the bathroom before anyone else had the chance. But of course they were all already up & gone. So i had the house to myself. My brother was at his friends & my other brother &  parents went to church. I havent been to church in years (my parents stoped forcing me after i was 13). Did i mention im sixteen now? Before i get sidetracked i have to take a shower so i can go out with Jordan. After i got out. I called Jordan up. He didnt answer. So i left a voice mail. I ran out back to see if he was still in the tree house sleeping. But he wasnt in there. I waited around, but he still never called me back. Since i was feeling better i called Hailey up. She didnt answer either. Man what's up with people on sundays? I thought to myself. I called Melissa then, she answered. "What's up with your phone" she asked. "I broke it last night, it's actually a really lon story, so we can talk about it some other time, do u wanna do something?" I figured id make plans since Jordans obviously backin out of our plans. She told me she'd love to do something, she wanted me to come over to her house. Her house wasnt a long walk but it wasnt a short one either. She met me halfway. I told her about Jordan. And she freaked. She told me that me & him would be so perfect for eachother. But then i told her that i thought i was still in love with Luke. After she started freaking out about that one i had her text Hailey. To tell her to come to Melissas if she wasnt busy later. Hailey told her she was going to spend time with her mom today. As we walked farther down the road we saw a couple holding hands & she'd look over & kiss him. He pushed her back. "REJECTION" Melissa shouted. The couple looked at us in a distance. It was Hailey & Jordan. I had my ipod in my hand & i dropped it & ran towards my house. Jordan ran after me. I reached my house And Locked & shut my door. I wasnt ever coming back out of there.

(End of Chapter 3)