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most people call me jess. you'll judge me, hate me and maybe learn to love me. i think before i act. im the most difficult person u will ever meet, flat. & i'm very picky. what people think about me doesn't phase me. i have another profile on here, i just dont remember the password. the username is jay_xoxo. my friends are my life. i would do anything for them. and when i say anything, i do mean anything. theres this boy..hes pretty much amazing and has my heart. even if we are ever apart its always going to be him in the back of my head. i love him with everything i got, plus some. loveyousomuchbaby. 4.23.06♥

Quotes by __xosweetkissox

What's meant to be will ALWAYS find a way.<3
keep your head held high gorgeous;;
there are people that would kill
to see you fall.<3
Always be yourself because those mind don't matter, and those that don't mind matter.
Never give up on love, no matter how much of it you think is gone.
It's the lil things you do, that make me wanna get with u. ;]
You claim cheerleading isnt a sport. In football, you throw around a ball and run around. Plus some tackling. You do the same in basketball, minus the tackling. In track, all you are doing is running.

But in cheerleading, you are throwing a girl 30 feet in the air with only 3 girls to catch her at the bottom.

So which one is more exetreme?♥

LiBCheer AllStars..National Champs!♥
You never know until you throw.

LiBCheer Allstars...Represent!♥
everything you need, i'll get it for you
a few heads i'll split 'em for you, you know i die for you.
and girl you make me whole, you are my sister soul
and you can try to act like you don't know
but, i can tell when we kiss, when we touch, when we makin' sweet love
you kno this thing is forever
you kno the drill keep it real
nothing will ever come between us
& i wont leave you never.♥
& i kno all bout those other girls
& i dont remember
cuz it was us baby
way before them
& we're still together
& i meant
every word that i said
when i said that i'd love you
i meant that i'd love you forever.