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Hey everyone:) kinda haven't been on witty sincee hmm last year? :o just a 16 year old girl who loves her boyfriend of +17 months and would love to get to know you (: **since I haven't been on in like forever Idk how to do all the cool codes and stuff so sorry this looks like crap D:

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You know you wanna ;D 

to everyone that has liked my video
thank you to each and every one of you <3 You've made my dreams come true and my 16th birthday something i will never forget. i love you guyss <33(:



^^link to BTR singing to me. *btw i don't want people to think i'm showing off or ANYTHING, i just promised id show a few people these pictures and videos :)

Big Time Rush<33333333333333333 ahhh :)

me on the right, my friend morgan on the left. New Boyz<3

hugging James Maslow, nbd<3.

Quotes by __xxJenifaaxx__

Here we go  again



So you can lock me out,
 Yeah  //  baby  throw  away  that  key. because  all  I  know,  is   that
 :;     this       is       where       I      wanna       be.             ;:      ]}} 


going old school witty
Don't stop now-The maine


{(  'Till   I   look   at   my   hands   and   feel   sad,  )}
:|:  Cause  the  spaces  between  my  fingers  :|:
Are right where yours fit  p e r f e c t l y . . < 3

hopefully this looks right.

'm falling fast

for a boy that will never > >  [( love     me    back    </3 )]

so true :/
just sorta came up with it.
I just want
are you
even worth

> > fighting

answer it please..? </3
*And She Sat There*
as a  single tear  ran down her cheek. When he
asked why she was
crying, she simply laughed
and pointed to the  gray, gray sky.  "Rain." she
replied. He laughed and said goodbye.   &+ as
soon as that boy turned around,   she dropped

the  fake  smile  and  watched  the  boy  she'll
always  [[   l o v e   ]]  walk  away  from  her.
And it started to pour..

redo of my old quote from my ShootingStars account.
got lazy with the colors(:
hope you likee

&+ I think
the only reason I keep going back
to you is because I don't want to
be     ||      f o r g o t t e n < / 3      ||

the border is not mine (credit to HelloStranger) (:
but the words are.
and i'm pretty sure this is gonna look messed up..
but oh well(:
hope you likee

&+ I've got
that song we danced to on [ r e p l a y ]
with  my   eyes  closed   picturing  you
looking   at   me   with   your   beautiful
brown eyes and that cocky smile that I
love >> so much. << and your hands
around my waist. I'm not lieinwhen I
say that was the happiest i've been in a
long time. <3

um. venting(:
i don't really expect anyone to relate
but i'm doing this noww(:

f you fall, >>

stumble down. << I'll pick you up off the ground.
If you lose faith in you,  I'll   give   you   strength
t o  p u l t h r o u g h . x  Tell  x  me  x  you  x
[( won't give up. )] Cause I'll be waiting.   If you
fall - - you know,    || I'll be there for yo ||

simple plan-save you

I try not to think
-|-  A b o u t  t h e  p a i n  -|- I feel inside. Did you know you
used to be >> my hero? <<    All the days you spent with me
Now seem so far away.    And    it    feels    like    you    don't

Care anymore..

this quote is black and white.
it shows it's beauty
and it shows how lazy i am to not add colors(:
Song-Perfect by simple plan