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Quotes by _babiiphatbabyxx232

i'll never do anything to hurt you i just aint like that i roll wid u threw da good and da bad and when i say i promise i'll be there i will becuz i dont make promises i cant fulfill and when i say i love i really do ..<3

..Not takin credit

Kay <3
-Do you see me standing here and if you do tell me Do i have a smile on my face or tears in my eyes. Tell me now. you act like i dont care but i do..you act like i dont love you but i do. So why,are you playin these little head games i really dont understand because what i tell you i tell you from my heart and you dont believe me. you dont even trust me and sometimes i dont think you love me and it tarein me apart inside..you sit there and tell your friends i am cheating on you but i think of the same things to is this real or is it just another game. you say you cant trust me well i cant trust you either you say you love me but do you really..so what do we have no please come on tell me. cuz i no i love you with eveyrthing i ever got..so tell me now do i have a smile on my face or tears in my eyes.

okay i tried but its 3:30am and i cant sleep so its probably not that good
..Took pieces from different quotes and some of its mine so i'm not takin full credit..

Kay <3
..Just when i thought no one loved me and everything was wrong and i was ready to give up you walked in my life..<3

I no its stupid but it my first :)
*I made it so dont take credit