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You are my McDonalds
Happy Meal

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Goodbye Middle School;
Goodbye Middle School!
Goodbye teachers..
bye cafeteria and my lunch table..
Time to move on!
I will never forget the memories here.
I will remeber everybody and everything.
I love you middle school.
Now its time for the big school.
These years i wll never forget..
Middle school is very specail time..
I meant many new people here in these halls..
&& i will never foget my locker!
I will miss Middle School;

i'm not going to high school..
just made it for people who arreee.

Katy Perry
She's so gay, She kissed a girl when, Waking up in Vegas!
She was thinking of you while she got lost
She saw you right there she told her friends to freeze like mannequins!
Dont get you fingerprints on anything or you'll be self inflicted.
Katy got a text message from him saying UR so gay, you used my love.
Your just like one of the boys. If you cant afford me then ur losing my love.
Katy said i'm still breathing and thinking of you. Then She went a kissed a girl again!

100% mineee! no jocking!!!!!!!

is the comfort that
comes from knowing your alone,
when you arent!

You talk it We live it
your jealous___> admit it
My Girls I love them
Place Nothing above them
Too All My Girls
[( I love You)]

s h e u s e d t o b e t h e*_____
Sweetest Girl

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 *I don't need a boy
that will constantly follow me a r o u n d,
just who will be there for me when i need
-him-. He doesn't have to sweep _ me _
off _ my _ feet, he just needs to c a t c h -
m e - w h e n - I - fall. He doesn't have to be
the most romantic boy _in the world_ or give
me a million gifts, as long as he never fails
t o m a k e m e s m i l e. I just want the one
I love to _ love _ me <3

not mine
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Oh, Don't think you broke me
  Just because i cry myself to sleep, go through 5 boxes 
   of tissues  [a whole day
]. And scream 
into my pillow Doesnt mean you broke mee______

not mineee..

Welcome To A World;
where being yourself
isn't good enough. drama is everywhere.
boys are all you ever think about.
school is considered a place to sleep.
everyone is spreading rumors.
and a place where teenage
girls are taken for granted.

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