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My name is Danielle :) I'm from Kansas. I LOVE country music. Top 3 favorite singers: Billy Currington, Jake Owen & Luke Bryan <3 My favorite color is Purple. Then Green, then Red :) I enjoy going out and havin fun but also like to be antisocial sometimes. Don't be afraid to talk to me :p i'm pretty nice and funny once you get to know me :)

Quotes by _danielle049

You know I'd fall apart without you
I don't know how you
do what you do ♥ 
I guess everybody’s got their way of moving on♥
I'm gonna bring somebody I barely even know
And when you turn my way, im gonna pull him in close And the crazy thing about it is I ain't into him at all I just wanna see if you still care 
I know your gonna be there ♥ 

When a girl decides that you're
her friend, you are no longer a
dating option. You become this
complete non-sexual entity in her
eyes, like her brother...
or a lamp.


by holding on too tight ,
you end up losing what you were trying so hard to save.

Love is like war;
easy to
hard to end. ♥

Real people are not perfect, and perfect people are not real.

I don’t care how many
fish there are in the sea.
I don’t want a
fish. I want you.