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Jaime Glynn

Quotes by _dynamite_

I always moan about my looks

ect but needless to say i have so much respect

for people who have face and body disfigurements.

The people that have went through so much mockery and insecurity.

There's some strong

people out there that deserve respect.

Keep calm and be yourself.

That's when you're most lovable.

Drake: I made it! I finally signed my contract. Now I have millions of dollars is there anything you want? I'll give you anything you want.

Drake's Grandma: You have a million dollars?!

DrakeNo Grandma! I have millions of dollars! I can get you anything, what do you want?

Drake's Grandma: I just want a hug and a kiss.




this or that?

[x] curly or straight [x]

[x] pizza or pasta [x]

[x] fruit or vegetables [ ]

[x] blonde or brunette [x]

[x] tall or short [x]

[ ] taylor swift or ke$ha [x]

[] katy perry or lady gaga [x]

[x] justin bieber or cody simpson [ ]

[x] eminem or drake [x]

[x] bruno mars or big time rush []

[ ] pink or purple [x]

[ ] pink or hollister [x]

[ ] blue or green [x]

[x] cheetah or zebra [ ]

[ ] usa or uk [x]

[x] london or paris [ ]

[x] winter or summer [ ]

[xx] hot guys or funny guys [xx]

[x] uggs or flip flops [x]

[x] love or friendship [x]

[x] beautiful or hot []

[x] pancakes or waffles []

[ ] cake or cookies [xx]

[] vanilla or chocolate [x]

[x] boyfriend or guyfriend [x]

[xx] 1 or 2 best friends or several close ones [xx]



Today I walked in class late, wearing a pencil skirt.
I was scared as hell, I haven't wore a skirt to school since Primary School. My ex has never seen me in a skirt. But I thought I would be confident today. The first thing I heard was 'Wow she looks amazing'. & people I never speak to acted really kind to me and complimented me all day.

All because of a skirt?
If only these people knew how much I appreciate it.