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illusi0n✖️*'s Favorite Quotes

Lick your lips 3 times
blink once, and keep your eyes wide open until you fave this quote.

I bet you will sneeze or yawn.

Nice tan,
What's your race? Carrot?

This quote does not exist.

before you take him from me,
please just

       if he's sad, don't make him coffee, he likes tea and he
       won't tell you when he's uncomfortable with something
       so try to ask him just to be sure - don't
       talk about his ex

not me, i guess, now,
but his other one

       i don't think he ever really
       healed from
       what she did to him

try not to badmouth me too much
i know you will, particularly
when drunk, i know you'll go through
my facebook pictures
at least once but remember that we have one thing in common:
the boy that
we love

       before you take him from me, before
       it is your name he calls out under
       those sheets
       please just

do a better job making him feel whole
because i wasn't enough,
you know?


I knew I had falling in love with you when 
I first saw you!<333

To Brook<3333



me at school: maybe if i hit my head on my desk hard enough i'll die


This quote does not exist.
Why did Voldemort cross the road?
nobody nose
This quote does not exist.