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Quotes by _im_done_hiding_

"Can we still be friends?"
"I know you're still in love with me and I'm completely crushing you right now but can we be friends?


 Am i suppose to just wait for you...?
<3 or </3?

So maybe your right...
I don't say everything that i would want to.
so here it is.
I trusted you and you talked about me behind my back
don't deny it because you know its true. you do something and you
expect to be forgiven but, you get mad at me for no reason.
then ignore me for days until i say that I'm sorry.
but this time...

I'm not saying sorry.


Roses are Blue,
Violets are Red,
I want you,
             [in my bed]
Sorry if its already on here<33
Sometimes Goodbye
                                                                           Is a second chance 

What ever boy. you dump me in a text? really? are you really that scared to at least call me or something? you really need to grow up a little bit. i gave up a lot for you. i had parties and went to parties just so i could see you. yeah, just you. i became someone I'm not because of you. but i don't want to be that person anymore so i guess its a good thing you broke up with me. i mean you're only 12! i have no clue what i was thinking.. i was blinded by my feelings wait not my feelings, just me being gullible again! so thanks for taking advantage of that. that just shows how great of a person you are. so what ever. grow some balls and the next time you dump a girl, don't be a dick and text them.
Love yours truly,
                        Your Ex Girlfriend
P.S. Hope that your next girlfriend breaks your heart. wait even better i hope your she breaks up with you threw a text and then NOT give you the reasons just like you did to me.
You know what?
Im done.
Im done with trying to make my quotes pretty.
i always think "oh this will be on top!" and it only gets 3 faves.
Yup! im done!

Can you stereotype me?

I wear black nail polish a lot ~> But I also wear blue, red & pink.
I don’t really like pink ~> But I have a pink coach purse
I’m not Goth ~> But I like to wear black
I’m not Prep ~> But I like to wear designer stuff
I’m not Emo ~> But I’m not always happy
I like parts of my life ~> But other parts I hate.

I used to cut. I don’t anymore. I say I hate life. But other parts I love. I have a hot pink purse. I usually paint my nails black or dark blue. I have painted them pink before.

So what am I?