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am i ever going to be good enough?
I need somebody more than ever these days. The days are getting longer. harder and more stressful. I don't understand whats happening to me. I dont have a load of friends but the people i am friends with don't really care about me. I don't understand. I try with people but it just gets thrown back in my face. I can't bear it no more. I need help. I need somebody. Someone who can guide me through. Someone who cares. Most importantly someone who will never leave.
We had been trying to be adults since we were 15.
When we finally reached 18, nothing changed.
It wasn't till we were lying on the bathroom floor,
Drunk and high in two different states,
That we realised, age is just a number,
And reality is learning there's no such thing as being an adult.
You only grow older and if your'e lucky, Maybe, a little bit wiser.
I need a friend
ho i can talk too 24/7
ho puts up with my crap
who I can everything too
o I can smile and say "you're amazing"
ho will tell me everything about them
any offers??

kik me:
It's a shame that the first time we said we loved eachother, you were drunk, screaming down the phone, repeating it over and over, just repeating it, and i coul.d only manage a small little whisper and the worst thing is that you don't even remember

The worst thing is that you don't even remember a thing..
Honestly can't see how guys can mess girls around without getting attached..

Should have known this would happen..
Are you really happy?
Or is that smile as fake
As your happiness?