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Hiii! I'm Courtneyyy!

Hi I am Court! I love hockey,JUSTIN BIEBER♥, freeze pops, and my friends!!! Love me or hate me.. just don't rate me. :]

Quotes by _pittsburghdreams

You May Be One Person To The World But
You May Be The World To One Person

Do you remember that game"telephone" when
one person would say something and by
the end of the game it was totally different?

 Welcome to high school
music's in my soul
i can hear
ryday & everynight
& she says she doesn't care
but the look in her eyes
tells a completely different story♥

 Going to school isn't for finding your husband
it's for finding your bridemaids

L is for the way you look at me
O is for your the only one for me
V is for very, very extra ordinary
E is for every kiss we share

don't take if u don't put the
credit at the bottom and let me know
me without you is like...
a sneaker without laces,
a geek without braces,
a sentence without spaces,
Best Friends me and you

friends don't let friends
do silly things alone

never regret anything that
once made you smile

from my old account xocourtox3