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Quotes by _prettyletdown

it's all for you,
down to every crystal,
every piece of  glitter. 

I want you to notice.
+ I want you to care.
I want it to be pretty.


this quote doesn't really say anything.
»  in fact, it has almost no point at all.
but it looks pretty, doesn't it?  c:
I bet it can make it to the top 24. because who cares
what quotes say?         
why read a quote when
you can just judge it by its appearance?

the way you move
is like a full-on rainstorm 

No one looks back on their life
and remembers the nights
they got plenty of sleep.

And what she'd give for one more smile,
and how she hoped he missed her,
'cause God, she missed how he would kiss her.

once upon a time,
i didn't give a damn.

I'm like the girl next door -- but
the one who climbs in through
your bedroom window. ❞  ♥
                             -katy perry

like   mice   &   men,      squeezing
out the life that should be let in. ♥


 ❝      It's       about       your       heart  
pounding faster  
because you can't wait to see

                                                                                                                     -richard alexander rogers