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Hello. I'm Jasmyne and I am 13 years old. Music is my life. I self harm, if this bothers you please leave my profile. I love One DIrection, Queen, Sleeping with Sirens, and Panic! At The Disco. Ed Sheeran is my everything. I love the youtubers Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil plus many others... I have insomnia, which cause my obsession with Witty. If you are reading this let me say that even though we have never met I love you and you're beautiful. (My tumblr is howcananyoneloveacutter.tumblr.com)
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Trying to decide which is worst, the nightmares that haunt me at night, or the nightmare that is my life.
Do you ever get the feeling that you just need to cut? You're willing to do it with scissors in the school bathroom or a staple from your stapler in your office or go to the bathroom at home and take apart your razor. Do you ever get that feeling?
And sometimes I just sit here and think... "Can I please just start my life over, pretty please?" 
It's Ed Sheeran's Birthday!!!! <333333333 :)
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When the people you thought were your friends totally change and leave you behind wondering "Did I do something wrong?"

dear makailey, I know you know my witty but i don't know if you'll see this or not. i don't think you realize how much you actually mean to me. when we have our little fights i want to cry, i guess that sounds dramatic but whatever, i love you. not that way obviously i mean you're my best friend actually scratch that you're my sister i can trust you with my life and i hope you can do the same. you have flaws who doesn't but they're what makes you, you. How you are a BIG germaphobe and you can't stand when people judge you before they know the whole story but then sometimes do it to others. sure there are some things that i haven't told you but i will as soon as i feel ready to let the secrets out. you know all my flaws even the ones that made you a little angry because i did that to myself. i guess this is kinda stupid... anyway i love our lonnnnnggggggg snap chat convos and our oovoos :) i love how different yet the same we are i love how you will often just restate the things i say and how you try to use big words but end up using them wrong anyway it feels like ive know you forever when we met last year i love how almost NOTHING comes between us. so makailey this is my letter to you so you will finally understand how much i love you and how i wouldn't be able to survive without you
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don't drink and drive; accidents make people ;)


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