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World watch out! Because I'm coming at ya full force!!!!
My favorite quote:
"I love you, not for what you are, but what I am when I am with you" -Roy Croft
There are some pretty amazing people in my life :)
My dad, a colonel in the U.S. Army, my mom, sister, and brother.
My besties Cayla and Chasely. I probably wouldn't be here if I hadn't had them.
A ton of others and of course all of you! <3
My name is Savannah Dawn Weaver, I'm 14 years young in 8th grade :) I play on my high-school's varsity soccer team and soccer is my life!!!! :D
I've attempted suicide once before by over-dosing and I'm stuck in depression. I'm working hard to get out though because I want to be me again.
Whenever I'm not depressed though, I'm always smiling and laughing, even if I don't mean it.
I'll listen to anything that interests me. I don't have specific genres I like, but a ton of songs all jumbled together. So I've got a wide variety of artists in my ipod :)

_vannah_432's Favorite Quotes

You're my reason for living
and there's no way i'm giving up.

Experience is a comb which nature gives to men when they are bald.

her heart was a secret garden,
and the walls were very high.


I've been a walking heartache.
I've made a mess of me.
The person that I've been lately 

ain't who I wanna be.

if someone says "you're one in a million,"
they're telling you that there are 7,028 people just like you. how in the world is that a compliment?


my hobbies include sleeping and
disappointing everyone close to me.


i haven't seen paranormal activity 4 yet,
so PLEASE don't tell me which lamp falls over.


sometimes i wish i could be one of my friens for a day,
just to see how amazing it is to hang out with me.


shoutout to the kids who
put the correct answers in the textbook.


i got kicked outta the pool today,
apperenly the breaststroke isn't what i thought it was.