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This is Kaitlyn and you're watching disney channel, jk you're sitting on the computer being a loner, lool. Well, I'm going to be hacking my best friend's about anyway this amazing girl is Ameera, She is stunning, lovely, funny, and a dream chaser, You can usually find her nose dug into a good book like an intelligent sweetheart. She falls too easily but loves so sweetly. She is there for everyone and just an all together good person, you'd be lucky to know this amazing work of art. 

(+)snickers. twix, reading, hanging out, going shopping, fruit snacks, comfy slippers, texting, and drawing. (-) when you get something and its nothing like the commercial, when I wanna sleep but im not tired, sharpening pencils, ugly shoes, getting gifts that i don't like, stale crackers, and school when it's stressful.

Anyway, You should leave her a comment and follow her because she's just that amazing. Peace my main hoodlums. (:
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Quotes by aMeErA

I really need zip lock baggies sooo i can sneak 

food in my bed at night 
& Tonight I gave him a taste of his own Medicine

And It felt Amazing <3
Well I would take a nap

But I know if I do

I'll be forced to be awake all night

Thinking about him
My first Day of work is tomorroww 

I hope they give me food :)
You Have All your life to eat 
Steamed Vegitable and Fish
But only a short time to eat onion rings 
& A bunch of Icecream 
I tend to not be able to follow my own Advice...
I tend to get caught up all over again 
In his light brown eyes 
In All of his Promises 
& all of his Lies.
I'll Be Alrightt

Just Not Tonightt
There's A Story behind every Cold, heartless Girl 
That Hates Men... 
I. Would. Know.
This School Year I wanna go to school 
& Show Him that he made a mistake 
Letting This Go
Its time to let go the one person
That has caused me both 
the most joy &
The most pain