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Witty Friends ♥

My Mom told me today that if i get 100 favs I can finally get a facebook

Please... Just 100 favs ?

My sister told me if I get 400 faves she will buy me a car c'mon A CAR !


There should be a "Witty App" for your iPod's.
Hint hint Steve....

How ironic would it be if Tim McGraw wrote a song called Taylor Swift ?

This quote does not exist.
 I have Cancer
My name is Savannah. Im 16 and I have bone cancer. I was diagnosed 6 months ago, and have been in treatment for 4 months. Im becoming weak, and losing my hair. Im so scared, but i try to stay strong.I am not making this quote for sympathy, im making it for a reason. I dont know how much longer I have left to live, but i am a fighter and will not let this disease destory me. However, I have made a list of 100 things I want to accomplish before i die(inspired from the Buried Life). Number 42 on my list is to get 2000 favs on a quote on witty. I know, this is a lot to ask, but i am asking you my witty sisters, to please help me out.  Every fav will help me cross this  thing off my list. Im sure your tired of seeing quotes like this, but this is the only favor i will ever ask from you girls. If you did read this, i love you so much. Thankyouu 

I bet I know you.
You're a teenage girl, anywhere from 11 to 18. You're in Middle school or High school, but secretly all you want is to go back to Kindergarten. You love rain, deep conversations with your friends, and you flip your pillow to the cold side. You have a crush on a boy, who you think about every minute of every day. You think you love him. You take showers, not to get clean, but because you need to think. You use Facebook a lot, but Witty is your real home. Your legs are crossed and your computers on your lap, your sitting with a hair tie on your wrist and  your left hand on your face. You're  not the most popular girl in your grade but honestly you don't care. You love Taylor Swift and you have at least one song that describes your life. There's one girl that you dsperately wish you could look like, even if it's a celebrity or a girl in your school, even though you're beautiful.  &Right now, you're scrolling through these Witty quotes, reading this one and nodding, even though the one thing that's on your mind is...


fave if any of these apply to you♥

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who do you like better?
Taylor Swift fans - click the heart
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just curious!

This quote does not exist.

Fave if you have facebook

My mom thinks i shouldn't have facebook, so if i find at least 100 people who have facebook, i'll have it. I know this is kinda stupid but i need it!! PLEASE!!