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Quotes by aShlee14x

We've got to get better." It's all in your head"
We could live through these letters or forgot it all together
The months...
They don't matter.
It's the days I can't take
When the hours move to minutes and I'm second away...
From calling it quits you're so caught up with yourself
"That's too much to ask for"
"That's just too much to ask for when all that we need's a reaction"
'Say you won't care'
There's no attraction...
But my main attraction is
Wanting to rememeber everything
Chasing some dreams
Labeled 'distractions'
"I know I can't go back..."
I know...
Forget it look
Just ask the question
Unite the knot
While you retrace the steps as if we we forgot
Try to avoid it but there's not a doubt.
There's this
one thing
That I can do nothing about...